September Massacre Act 2


This Sunday in Lose-ipeg, legions of Rider faithful and a few misguided Bomber fans will bare witness to the back half of what will forever be known as the September Massacre. Yes even the famed Golden Boy will be seen weeping come games end. If I could only get a baby Rider jersey on that little

Few Bomber players will have the energy necsessary to cry as they come face to face with their worst nightmare. Troy Westwood will be seen on the sidelines begging for his life at the feet of his Grandmother who will have little sympathy. She'll hand him a letter she wrote, signed by a million strong, stating that he is no longer allowed to step foot in our beautiful province, and he will weep like traitors with big mouths always do.

Wesley, the war amps kid, will be seen kicking Uncle Milty and C. Rob in the shins finishing the job of the Riders and permanantly leaving them war amps. The rest of the Blue Crew will be injured and placed on the 9 game injury list leaving the team with only Westwood and coach Barry's staff.

And we Saskatchewan fans wont even bat an eye. Like we knew exactly how it would play out. Instead we'll prepare the troops for battle in the coming weeks as WE understand that some Banjo Bowl trophy is the least of our concerns.


....WTF?...trash talking with a 'hope I don't offend anyone' disclaimer?!?!?...wrong, just wrong...

riders d is going to smarten up on sunday, look out Bombers, there is no wat that Glenn will copy what he did last sunday, and charles aint going nowhere

:? :? :? What the Hell was that?!

Did I miss act 1,???

I thought the scor was close?

Close doesn't sound like a massacre to me.

Exactly :cowboy:

Sorry Kel, but all signs point to a Bomber victory. The Players know they should've pulled out the win in Regina, and are hellbent on revenge. History shows Saskatchewan is 1 - 12 in Winnipeg lately. Maybe still resting on their Labourday laurels....
With the additions of Bolden and Charlton, you are going to see a very different Bomber D, both these boys can play. And you are not going to slow down Glenn and the O at home. They may not put up 500 yards (can't do that every game!), but they will do some damage. I would be very surprised if Saskatchewan pulls out some last minute magic in this one.

OK Blue. How are Bolden and Charlton going to be an asset this week??? They've both had only 3 days to gel with their teamates and adjust to the Winnipeg schemes. I'll admit those schemes cant be THAT different since they left, but still....not an asset this week, sorry. I'd say they'll be a bit of a detrement if anything and will be picked on by the Rider passing game.

I completely understand why the word Massacre is a little hard to grasp right now for Bomber fans, but tell me the same thing in retrospect come week 18. Two consecutive losses at this point in the season is tough to recover from. Have you ever heard the analogy that the season starts at Labour day?

Anyways, what you should be concerned about is winning divisional games. Just take care of those and we'll see you in Toronto in November. Nuff said.


Well you think they'll be a detriment, I think they will help. Our secondary has been a disappointment so far this year and many bomber fans think that these guys will be the cure. guess we'll find out tommorrow! Last game Joseph threw for 350 yards, I doubt he does in Winnipeg.

Ofcourse I'm concerned about winning divisional games, but I'm also concerned about winning home games!

Im hoping the Riders can win improve on the 1-12 record in the 'Peg, but I dont think it will happen. This game will be close again, lets hope its just as great a game as last week's Labour Day Classic.

Sambowl I think this is the start of the slide for your team. :lol:


The trash was definately flying when you wrote that one Kel.

It will be tough to win in Winnipeg. Kevin Glenn and his receivers have looked amazing every game. The only way to win will be to shut down the Bomber offence completely for at the very least, one half.

I am actually shocked by how impressive this Bomber team has been all year.

Well, there was one massacre during this home and home, and it wasn't the first one! :wink:

Boy I love it when things come back to bite you! :cowboy:

Well it could happen to your team as well. :lol:

I never said it couldn't, and I'm smarter than to say we would massacre any team :wink:

Could of fooled me!

Way to Jinx us there Kel. Next time leave the trash talking for after the game is over.

Yes Kell I think you should start a thread with turkey on how the Grey Cup will be green and white this year. Yup! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Its funny, what goes around comes around. :roll: