just wondering who everyone sees being cut/traded from each team before the september deadline? and where might these players end up?

for example with robert edwards now in TO avery would be a likely choice.

corey holmes in sask makes henri childs expendible.

and i know rw2005 is sticking to the rotation story, but IMO there's not enough room for marc boericgter in the stamps receiving corps.

so i guess i'm asking what areas your team has good enough depth to lose a player and where you think they might need to bring someone in to shore up a position?

please keep in mind that i am just asking for opinions here and people need not take offence if they disagree(about some notion of a receiver rotation)!! :lol: JJ

Well we might see some guys go before the 9 game mark here as well, as I believe after 9 games a players full salary counts towards the cap.

According to Higgens everyone is staying put with the exception of Tony Bua who was cut the other day. Thelwell might by a guy that will be traded or cut with his lack of playing ability. The rotation continues because they want depth at their receiving position and do not be suprised with the latest cut some one coming in from down south. Unlike the other teams most of our injuries did not require player moves other then Maxie who played two games for a wheel barrel of hot dogs.

Yum, what kind of hotdogs?

I do not know but Maxie seemed he put on some weight before going to the Colts camp.

Riders would not get much for Henri Childs.

Maybe a wheel barrell of Oscar Myers! childs is a joke compared to Cates. :lol: :lol: :lol:

The Esks released two players- Perryman and Baggs , but Maciocia is tight lipped about who will replace them-- I thought they were two of the better players on the Esk D, the moves were made to make cap room for the new players coming to the Esks.

Anyone know exactly how they are defining the "veteran" thing under the cap?
It was not every player whose salary was guaranteed after the 9 game deadline, just vets. And I am not sure how much service was required under the old system, and if any changes have been made under the SMS.

Anyway, I'd be surprised if the Riders make any such moves before Labour Day.
Henri Childs might get released, but I doubt it will be a cap/vet issue...

Interesting that the Esks made the moves they did, because there are actually provisions in the SMS to allow teams to bring in NFL cuts and place them on an expanded practice roster.
I'm not sure how many extra bodies are allowed, but it is several...

More changes for the Esks.. it reminds me the Riders of the 80's, who made changes for the sake of making changes..

Perryman surprised me a little--I thought he was making plays out there. Of course when coaches watch game film, they see things we as fans are not privy to.

Just to get 05 revved up--Bo could get the axe.
Not too many teams are going to waste $150000 on a guy to ride the pine....and that same salary makes him nearly impossible to trade...

Thelwell is a tough call. His salary might make him expendable, but his citizenship says no way.
Releasing/trading him would make them awfully thin at the Canadian receiving spot.
Bring on Hetherington...

Not sure how trustworthy Chris Schultz is, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt:

Anxiety-filled in that come September 1st, the rest of your contract is guaranteed if you have six years of CFL football under your belt.
So guys like Bo, Childs or Perryman don't cut it as CFL "vets".

I suspect there will be a number of players released. The real question is how many of Saskatchewan's injured list are actually collecting full salary. I suspect there are a few that are just getting the minimum required to paid to be on the reserve list. The only reason they are injured is to protect them from the reserve list (i.e. another team picking them up) and because there is a limit on the number of players that can go on the list.

Well, I'm pretty sure all that happened to Drew Tate was catching a finger in the clipboard clamp.

Nkeyasen....who knows. But is he a guy you'd stash away somewhere? We know Stancil, Jurineak, Davis and Yo are all legit.

Hey. Those clipboard paper cuts are nasty!

Nkeyasen is a blown achilles, and likely the end of his career. If he is healthy before Sept 1, he is likely to be cut.
The others you mention are all legit.
As are several of the others. We have a few like Tate and Jones that are clearly not injured.
But pretty much everyone else on the list is.

I can't honestly think of any 6 year vets we might release to save cap space.

Maybe Val St. Germain? A quick, thanks for coming out. Enjoy retirement?

I think the Als are going to do something about their OL position. They have 9 bodies to fill 6 spots. Maybe a deal in the works?