September 9th game at rogers centre

I just saw that the Argos are holding an employment fair before and after the game in order to get more fans, i heard they are charging 5 bucks for the fair which includes a game ticket. Pretty smart idea, excpept it could screw them over, with people going to the job fair and going straight home after.

Also, i suggest that some ticats players bring their resumes, as they will be cut soon, and ticats staff as weel( cough, cough, cough, can you hear me Kavis Reeed?)

Tickets (or possibly vouchers for tickets) must be picked up at Employment Centre locatsion known as CASIP agencies. The closest one to Hamilton is near Square One in Mississauga.

Here is the link to the information on the job fair/ticket special.

Here is the list of employers present/and where you can pick up tickets.

$5 for a lead on a job plus a game ticket seems pretty reasonable to me. And those are some of the province's biggest companies they have listed as employers.

An Argo fan

Watch for PaoPao and Coach K at the game submitting their resumes