September 30 Home Game Against BC, 4PM Start - Bad

I don't like 4pm starts.

I can't make it to the game on time.

In fact, I don't like 7pm starts either, because I have to rush to make it to the stadium before kickoff.

I wish the start times were 7:30.

Also, I think Saturday afternoon games are bad.

The Damon Allen game in Toronto was on a Saturday afternoon and that game drew subpar attendance.

Saturday night works best for me.

They are playing a game in Toronto on September 30 as well.

For most of this season they have staggered the Toronto and Hamilton schedule so that Toronto plays out of town on weeks that Hamilton plays at home, and vice versa.

I think that this is the correct way to schedule games and this practice should be continued.

There are probably a few CFL fanatics that would go to every Toronto and every Hamilton home game if they could.

Personally I love the 4 pm starts. They allow people to show up early, without getting there at 10 am like a 1pm start would require, and then leave you the rest of the night infront of you once the games over.

As well, the difference between an afternoon start and an evening one late in the season can be the difference between baking in the sun and freezing. Sunny autumn afternoons were made for football.

As well, the difference between an afternoon start and an evening one late in the season can be the difference between baking in the sun and freezing. Sunny autumn afternoons were made for football.
I agree plus a little earlier so that some more young kids can come a game as well.

I was happy to see the 4PM start for the HOF game !

A 4:00 p.m. start is what my folks in London wanted to come to a game this year with my young nephew, they said this was an ideal time, and they are coming for this game. I hope the weather is good for this one.

4 works for me too. We can drive in from Toronto mid-afternoon, have dinner after the game and be back home at a decent hour.

An Argo fan

I like the 7pm/730pm start myself. The 4pm start really cuts into my day with the kids. For the later games I usually take the kids to the movies or the mall and then go to the game. A 4pm start makes it tighter timewise.

Nothing better than spending a beautiful weekend fall afternoon at IW watching our beloved TiCats feast on an opponent.

1:00 start is defintely the best time while the sun is still out and before the chill of the night moves in.

I really like Sunday afternoon game, especially in the fall. 4pm is okay, but 2pm works better.


I think this is the first time I have ever disagreed with you but I definitely like the earlier times as well. Even though MayorQuimby can be not very nice sometimes and I never agree with him he actually said it quite well.

BTW, I didn't know you had kids. Good stuff.


Wow, finally a thread that people are just giving an opinion and not argueing or name calling.

you may call me crazy but i like late night games in the Fall. some of the best experiences i have had have been at games in the snow.

I like the 7 o’clock start myself, because of my job and traveling form Kitchener it will be tough to make the game on time.

I don't mind a nice Sunday afternoon game in the Fall but if it's a Saturday game I prefer the later game. I forgive you for disagreeing with me though, as long as you don't do it again. :wink:

I have never cared for the 4 p.m. starts on Saturdays, although they have been few in number. I would sooner have the game start at 1 or 2 o'clock or just make it a night game. The 4 o'clock game tends to make the rest of the day a bit of a right off, more or less just waiting for game time. Of course I guess some go out for a bit to eat and few brown pops. I like early afternoon games best of all though.

Thank you for forgiving me. As for my indiscretion, I must have momentarily lost my senses. I will try not to let it happen again. (LOL).

As long as the games are played on the weekend, they're good for me.

As long as the games are played, they're good for me.

Kay Rap

If you work in retail and close at 6PM this early start time is like Pepe LePew.

By the time I get out at 6:20PM it won't even be worth going to. Whereas if it were 6:30, 7 or 7:30 then it wouldn't be an issue.

The only thing that was worse, was having a 7PM Labour day game where parents in our section had to get up and leave early because the kids had to get up for school the next day. Now that was really stupid timing and I bet the person responisble doesn't have kids.

Hopefully they will exercise at least 1/2 of a brain cell for next year and move it back to 4PM to allow people time to get back from up North or Lake Erie on the long weekend and leave the stadium still at a decent hour.

My 2 centavos

btw I guess I now have 2 tickets available that I cant use :cry: If interested PM me $25 for the pair in 30A


I am still toying with the idea of going to this game before going to the Argo one. I'd probably leave at halftime to make it in time to Toronto for kickoff and maybe even a half hour of tailgating beforehand. Then again to leave at halftime this year is not so unusual...