September 2023 Neg List

New Neg List out. QB Nolan Henderson looks to be worth a look to develop. Has CFL qualities IMO.

Nolan Henderson’s scouting report

Quarterback Ability (65)

Arm Talent: 20

  • Arm Strength (7.5/10) – Arm strength is good. Shows both strength to push the ball downfield, on and off platform, as well as the velocity in his throws. Doesn’t have a lot of distance but can put heat on balls very well.
  • Touch Ability (4/5) – Knows when to throw with touch. Displays a very catchable ball.
  • Release (3.5/5) – Quick release from the step up through the release. Motion seems a bit elongated, even when he’s trying to get the ball out quickly.

Accuracy/Placement: 25

  • Accuracy (11/15) – Box Accuracy, but it’s a smaller box than most. Will be a little bit behind on his throws sometimes.
  • Placement/Vision (7.5/10) – Placement and vision are usually spot on. Manipulates the ball around defenders. Displays the ability to throw strikes where only his receiver can make a play on the football.

Pocket Presence: 10

  • Pocket Positioning (3/5) – Tends to position well in the pocket. Stands in well under pressure.
  • Pocket Maneuverability (2.5/5) – Moves well in the pocket, can be too quick to bail at times and turn into a runner. Flashes the ability to move around but struggled with getting space at times with a porous offensive line.

Footwork: 10

  • Consistency (3.5/5) – Consistent feet. Does well with his drop backs, very sound mechanically from this standpoint.
  • Quickness (3.5/5) – Fairly quick, light feet. Stays prepared to make the throw.

Athleticism (20)

Mobility: 12

  • Outside of the pocket (5/7) – Extremely athletic. Has excellent ability to move outside of the pocket.
  • Downfield Ability (4/5) – Excellent runner down field. Has great speed for the position. Very explosive athlete and very quick.

Improvability: 8

  • Natural Improvability (2/4) – Flashes bouts of improvability but is more of a runner.
  • Play Extension (2.5/4) – Flashes the ability to extend plays with his feet. Throws well off platform.

Intelligence (15)

Football IQ/Field Vision: 10

  • Football Intelligence (3.5/5) – Good understanding of the game. Has played in two completely different offensive systems.
  • Ability to read pre-snap (3/5) – Reads pre snap formations decently well.

Overall: (72) – 5th/7th Round