September 15th roster moves

Sims and Legree released

International LB Denicos Allen, DB Kip Edwards, DL David Hunter to the practice roster.

Hunter could be a guy to watch...meh on Allen, Edwards not to sure on

Sims moved out so Glenn can return...LeGree a little puzzling...injury prone I guess...too bad, I think he is a gamer....with them going National at Safety I guess they had to make a move

Edwards is bigger so maybe we might see him at the LB spot occupied by Macho?????? Legree was backup there and is now toast.

Wondering if we see mertile anymore.............and Antarius who is on PR??

I looked at our depth chart................we're young except for a few spots. With all these young DL tackles coming in I think the end of the road for George once the season wraps. Walker needs to be fulltimer...........Munro looked okay but needs more games...........Tennant will factor in..............and the new guy they just signed.

Odd guys out are Marcus White and TG.

Legree and Simms? Head scratcher to me...

I thought Simms was a big guy with good feet and potential? Maybe he didn't want to be on the PR...

And Legree? He is pretty good... Better than Marshay Green...

O'Day must have a plan!

Cut LeGree??

Strike one, O'Day.

Didn't outright say it..... But was definitely thinking it!

Cut Legree and keep Marshay makes no sense to me...

Legree more fits into a Safety role...clear that the Riders are going Canadian there with CC's departure. He would have been moved up to LB, but he has been perpetually injured so that is likely not a spot he lasts long in...he is not ideal for a DB spot. I am still fairly surprised because LeGree seemed like a solid player when he was actually healthy and out there.

I was never a Marshay fan before but the past 6 or 8 weeks he has looked REALLY good. That said, you can never have enough quality guys in your secondary - you may not be able to AFFORD (cap wise) enough talent in the secondary but LeGree was NOT a salary issue. DB is the toughest position to groom/develop other than QB. They had a good one and tossed him in the bin. Not impressed.