Sept 4th practice from report

This is an undate from a viewers(fans) point of perspective. He regularily attends them.

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It was actually really nice at the field today. Not as cool as I thought.

Anyways, I left a little early but here's what I saw.

-All of our QB's looked kind of ugly today. Bishop and Dressler have a good thing going and you should look for those two to hook up quite a bit this week.

-Adam Nicholson, I believe, is in the house. #16 in your programs. Big kid, fairly smooth runner with decent hands. His first play from scrimmage was a real nice flair out, caught the ball and turned it up field. I'm thinking, nice aguy that can catch. Then the next throw it was right in his hands and he drops it. Off and one today. Showed some promise.

-Corey Grant tweaked his rigth ankle again today and missed most of practice. Gerran Walker took his reps and did ok. Quick little guy and he got most passes.

-Marshall sort of redeemed himself today. Still had a slight case of the butterfingeritis, but he did better than yesterday.

-Seante took some of Kitwana's reps today opposite John Chick. They looked good together coming together around the QB. Should be fun to watch.

-Dressler is awesome.

-Tj Acree did well today. He and Durant made some good reads off of each other for solid completions.

-Shologan and Smith got into it for a little bit. Advantage Smith.

-James Patrick is going to be dynamite once he gets a legitimate chance to start.

-Flick was running for a while.

-Hughes did some running for a while.

-David McCoy ran a pass pattern, feel down and ripped his pants. DJ and the rest of the team were all over him. DJ called him Simple Jack, classic.

-Our receivers were Bagg and Walker on the outside with Dressler, Marshall and Childs in the middle. Looked good and they showed good speed.

-Rey Williams was not present.

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Thanks. Keep posting these if you're able to.

Shouild be able to as I'm home evryday. Life would be pretty boring without football.

If you're home every day, get off yer arse and down the the stadium and post your own practice reports!

It's a 2&1/2 hour drive one way. I don't think so. :wink:

Ahhh. You're excused, then.

c'mon, gas isn't that expensive!

Thanks. This is the only football forum I visit, so this is much appreciated.

Dressler is awesome yes I just wish he wouldn't be returning kicks. I feel he would be better off staying with the offense.

Johnson did a decent job returning last game or perhaps one of the new guys...Heard? Heard wasn't very impressed with the facemask he got in his last game... I wasn't either. I don't know how they can not blow up after such a play. I would of had something to say.

Oh yea speaking of Heard he's shown us he can catch the ball, we need receivers?... Just a thought.

I'd like them to play Walker in the receiving core.

TJ, practicing!!!!....I would like to get excited about this news, but my guts tell me he'll have another setback......Par for the course in 2008..