sept 3 practice

I wasn't their but the person reporting was. He reports regularly on another site.

Today's practise report

Hey boys....just got back from Taylor field. My report is basically all focussed on the here it is:

First string - appears to be Bagg, Grant, Childs, Dressler and #18 (Marshall??).

Dressler looks fine - seems to be running hard and made some nice catches in coverage.

Childs - good hands and good moves after catching the ball - they should throw to him more often.

Marshall - I assume it was Marshall - he was wearing #18, but with the way our receivers are changing this year it is hard to keep track. He was up and down today - caught some nice ones, but dropped a couple too. They really seemed to focus on getting him active in the offense. Nice speed.

Grant / Bagg - looked okay I guess - very few throws to them, but caught them.

Walker - I assume it is Walker (wearing #80). He is very fast. Great acceleration after catching the ball. I would like to see this guy in the line-up. He caught a few passes with the second string guys. Looked good.

Palmer - laid out and made a beautiful catch for about 30-40 yards, but then also dropped two short easy passes.

Getzlaff - I thought he looked pretty good - caught some short passes underneath. Would love to see him get a chance - I think he deserves it much more than Palmer (Getzlaff is young and should get better with playing time). I think he should be eligible now - able to come off the 9 game injury list as I beleive he was placed on it prior to the season opener - can anyone confirm this??

QB's - Bishop did not look so hot - missed some throws and a little inaccurate at times. He did also have a few drops for him (see Palmer and Marshall above). Durant looked slightly better. Jyles was not much different. Tate - personally I think anyone would be better than him....not sure why we are not trying to find a better guy to take the 4th QB spot. Overall, have to say, not a great day for the QB's in my opinion.

Hughes was in doing some of the drills today - I would think he is back for the game following the banjo bowl.

Flick looks to be running well....can't wait for him to get back.

Apparently TJ Acree was practising today - someone told me he was wearing #84 during practise. Didn't really notice him.

Someone else at practise sitting by me pointed out that Farris was there. He looked like he has good size and could be a good posession receiver for us.

Thats about it.....offense & receivers in particular are still a work in progress.

Another post on todays practice:

-Bishop took the starting reps today and was off and on. He was trying to force balls into certain coverages that just wouldn't allow it. He also threws some balls that nobody should be throwing and he hit the targets with ease. He's just that kind of guy.

-Durant took the majority of 2nd string reps and looked poor. Timing was off on the majority of throws, but he did throw some real nice corner route patterns to Marshall. More on him later.

-Jyles looked ugly and Tate is a ball boy. Jyles made some stupid decisions with the ball today. It wasn't like him. Maybe he is po'd being bumped to #3.

-Jimmy Farris is in the house. #87 on the field. I thought he was black?? Anyways, not very big, not very fast but seems to have a pretty good set of hands on him. They lined him up as the short side SB and seemed to pick up the motion rather quickly. Did some good things, but ran a couple of qrong patterns which is to be expected. Showed good concentration catching the ball in traffic.

-Gerran Walker did some good things today. He's probably our smallest receiver (Hernandez TOWERS over him if you can imagine) but once he catches the ball, his legs move like Wiley Coyote and he's gone.

-TJ Acree was in pads and practicing again. Took one step and broke his foot. Ok , just kidding. He did look ok today. We know what we have with him. A decent receiver, with decent speed. Not going to set the world on fire and not going to stink out the joint.

-Vincent Marshall did so many good things killed me when he couldn't catch the ball. He had 7 drops today. 7. I'm not making that up. Passes that were right in his hands, dropped. It kille dme because he got open on nearly every play.

-Bowman. I've given the kid a hard time for dropping everything in site and I think it's deserved. Today at practice while in warmup, he made some of the most unbelievable catches I have ever seen. Now, the kid was in sweats and all but he'd catch the ball behind his back, around his head with one hand, not looking at where the ball was and caught it on the nose of the ball with one hand. He has skills, just not the right mind set.

-John Chick took all 1st team reps today. Looks totally ready to go and I'm 100% confident he'll be coming off the 9 gamer this week.

-I reallyw anted Seante Williams to play the other DE position and that may still happen, but Kitwana continued to take 1st team reps.

-Once again, I'm not making this up. Henri Childs tweaked his right knee and had to sit out a few plays. Didn't look serious but who knows. Corey Grant tweaked his left ankle, missed a few plays but didn't look serious.

-Neil Hughes was out there without pads going through some of the drills. Still taking it easy, but I could see him being back in two weeks.

-Flick was out there running again for while. When are his 9 games up?? I think he still needs 2-3 weeks.

-Leron Mitchell was out walking around without a cast and with cleats on. He did some light running before making his way back into the locker room.

-Still haven't seen Fantuz at practice for while. Saw him at the game walking around without his cast/crutches but have yet to see him jogging or anything of that nature.

I left 15-20 minutes early so if anything happened after that I may have missed, please feed the masses.

that sucks Miller said he's leaning towards Bishop to start... i sure hope not, Hope Durant has a great practise 2morrow.

TY redstallion...This is the only site in my life, so your report is much appreciated...

Your more than welcome. Here's the link to the main page. The boys their watch the practices daily and report to everyone.

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