Sept 26 in Edm

Just decided to go to the Edm game on Sept 26. Where are the Rider masses there?

Just about any Catholic church, I suppose.

there is a section, lower level near the dressing room exits.. on the Rider's Bench side!

majority of them sit right there!

ANY where in Commonwealth will be tons of RIDER FAITHFUL Fans (18 tix myself for the game) anyway its gonna be fun!!!!!! "HEY ESKIE FANS WE WILL SAVE A SECTION FOR YA!" :smiley:

How a pre-game anywhere? Where's a great watering hole?

Running the stats for the last game:

16 possesions -- 37 sets of downs
21 First downs ( 14 Passing - 6 Rushing - 1 Penalty )
1 TD
2 FG
8 Punt
2 End-of-half

62.9% efficiency ( 57.9% first half -- 68.8% second half )

For once this year, they came out flat in the first half.
The Defense was out to make a statement after being embarassed by Rickey Ray last week.

14 possesions -- 23 sets of downs
9 First downs ( 8 Passing - 1 Rushing )
1 TD
2 FG
1 Turnover on Downs
1 Safety

43.5% efficiency ( 30.0% first half -- 53.8% second half )

The defense had Rickey Ray looking like Michael Bishop. Call it an ugly win if you want, just don't call it that to one of the Rider defenders.

Durant usually is able to rely on his defense to give him his chances with the ball. In Regina, the defense wasn't there for him, and although he put up one of his best games, it wasn't enough. The Riders have had more plays from scrimmage than any other team, and they've given up the least amount of first downs. It's gritty ball-control, but it's effective.