Sept. 1st. Home Opener @ Tim Horton's Field

I suggest they play the Aug. 16th game at Mac as well.

Let the 1st Labour Day Classic at Tim Horton's Field be the Home Opening Game. :rockin:

That way they could be sure that the stadium will be functional.

If I knew how to post a poll on here, it would be interesting to see what other's think.

Don't be fooled I'd bet my last penny that it's far from ready on labour day. Maybe playable but there's no way it's completed.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats will be playing in an incomplete stadium for nearly the whole season, as construction
[url=] ... -1.2685651[/url]

What , that article is dated June 26th !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I drove by THF Thursday 10th. I did a complete circuit around the entire roadway. I am no expert but there looks to be far to much work to do. Scaffolding all over the place. Seats are partially complete. The field was being rolled. There also didn`t seem to be a lot of activity. IMHO August the 16th will be a no go . It looks like it could be in playable shape for Labour Day but that will be pending an inspection by the City to issue an occupancy permit.

8) How convenient that none of the cameras are working !!
  They still don't show any sign of urgency down there, last scene I saw was 5 workers installing seats in one section !!
   So much for this crap about having 100-200 workers there on a daily basis.  And don't try and say most of those guys
   are doing inside work   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

    Yes Woody, there is no way the game on the 16th of August will be held there.
     I would say it's touch and go even for Labour Day, with the way things are progressing there !!

     They might play the game there that day, but it will still be less than ideal, and not what most fans are expecting.

they aren't trying to hide the webcams. It has always been working at this link ... er-stadium (field looks like it would have been ready well in advance of the 26th)

also walked around the stadium yesterday, counted 75 workers alone working on the eastside of the stadium both under the stands and in the seating area. a bunch more were working on the field. safe to assume at least another 75 were working on the west stand and a couple dozen more on the patios. well over 200 workers on a friday afternoon.

you can't tell by looking at a webcam how many ppl are working on the stadium. the field and seating area needs the least amount of workers to complete

Let's christen this thread, "Optimists vs. Pessimists II: Ready for Labour Day?"

Is the glass half full or half empty ?

Anything that any of us assume about the stadium is nothing but ignorant conjecture. It seems that many people on this forum simply love to work on a mindset based on nothing but personal speculation, and then type it out in posts as fact. Please gain some perspective.

An engineer would say the glass is twice as big as it needs to be!

Like what? The stadium needing several beams added to reinforce the east stands? Fact.

Please post a copy of your Civil Engineering degree and tell us how you got to analyse the structural drawings of the stands

Your just confirmed my theory on people using personal speculation as fact. You shouldn't be so eager to show us your faults.