Sept 19 TiCat Game

Can you give us a estimate of what time we would have to land at Hamilton Airport in order to be at THF for the 4PM Kickoff? We have no idea of what traffic will be like in that area for the game.

Assuming you’ll be on a domestic flight … 1:00 pm should work just fine.

Thank you, appreciate the info, looking forward to seeing the game.

From some of your previous posts, I know that you're not flying commercial.

For an afternoon game like this, I know that there will be some good tailgating going on in "Lot J" and other parking lots, so there will be some friendly pre-game activities if you wish to partake.

That time of year will be absolutely beautiful in the Hamilton area, as the trees should start to be changing and the Niagara Escarpment will be awash with all the colours of Fall. Enjoy your trip!

We appreciate the information/invitation, time permitting we will come mingle with the fans. Your right, we will flying on a company aircraft, current schedule will have us coming up Saturday morning and returning Sunday morning. Right now we are looking at coming into Hamilton airport but we may have to come into Pearson for crew and aircraft reasons. That will be a crew decision. Either way we will be there for the game.
I have always found Canada to be a beautiful Country, even Sask in mid January!

With the trip from Munroe I would give myself 45 min. travel time allowance. In ideal conditions you should be able to make it in 30. You can take Upper James straight down into the city, or you can take highway 6 to highway 403 and exit at Main st. East if you want to avoid going through the city.

From Pearson, I would give myself 1 hour travel. On a Saturday, you should be able make it in ideal conditions in 45 minutes. It's all highway and you have a direct route to the stadium if you take the York Blvd. exit off highway 403.

If coming in from the east and we do it all the time from Penetang , or Pearson or wherever east .......we find it is easiest to go over the skyway and take Burlington St. to Gage instead of going all the way around to Main or York on the 403 and then coming back east on those streets .

Landing at Munro and Pearson are two very different animals. I'd say about a 45 min time from Munro but 2 hrs from Pearson.

I have a question for you, and you can tell me to go to heck if you wish, but being a bit of an aircraft buff, would you be willing to tell me the model of plane you’ll be in? Please feel free to pm me if you wish, as it is genuine interest.

That is the route we use coming from Collingwood, definately the fastest way if you are coming from that direction and no traffic after the game. We park on the lot on Chappel and then straight out to Gage/Burlington St and in minutes we are on the QEW.
Coming from Hamilton Airport on a Saturday afternoon I would just continue on 6/Upper James all the way to Main.