sept 11 practice report

Taken from GUEST who has been a menber on another site since 2003.

Watched most of practice, GREAT DAY to watch football, gorgeous weather today.

-Boreham kicked Congi's azz in kicker bochee ball today. Looks very good in that area. As for his kicking, took all the punt reps, and looked fined doing so and got a few really nice deep spirals going, but when it came to kickoffs, Congi took the reps, so who knows who will be doing what this weekend.
-Marcus Adams was not dressed at practice, and Jimmy V will be starting in his position.
-Grant was there but only in sweats and did not practice, looked to be a bit sore, I don't think he will go this weekend.
-Starting receiver set was Bagg and Walker on the outside, with Childs Dressler and Marshall inside.
-IMO I think Rob Bagg is going to be a big time player for this team. Maybe not this year, but he has the tools to be great. Runs crisp routes, good hands, and good enough speed. Prediction: Rob Bagg grabs his first career CFL touchdown this week.
-Lots of wrinkles on offense today, won't say anything else on that. I loved the fact that bishop was finding everyone out there today, if BC wants to go ahead and key on dressler, Bagg and Walker will have BIG games.
-Bishop for the most part looked on today. Very good reads, some really nice deep balls to Marshall and Bagg, and made very very good decisions with the football. Few times he made the right call and tucked it in and ran with it instead of forcing it in somewhere.
-Durant took the second team reps and looked ok. Few nice balls but also threw a brutal pic to Heard when Heard was the only guy there.
-Our defense is fun to watch, guys flying around, communicating with each other, and having fun.
-James Patrick, and D Heard will be stars on this team when there time comes.
-This teams depth is unbelievable, credit to Mr. Tillman.
-Cut Mike Palmer.

Will add reports as they come in.

More to follow. Zbest please add as I’m stepping out for a while.

#87 is Jimmy Farris

#5 is Drew Tate, not Friehauf