separation of and team owners\management\staff

this sites admin and moderation should not in any way be connected to owners or employees of any team. Admin and mods should be totally impartial. This is not the case with ticats forum. With bob young being a mod, and with his company running the site, they dictate the content of the ticats forum regardless of rules. Many times there will be a topic that questions some aspect of ownership or team management in a very civil way, yet it will be deleted. For example, BY has claimed that to have the new stadium built where the mayor wants it to be built, will cost the ticats 7 mill per year. I created a topic simply saying that I can't see how the stadium site would make that much difference and expressed interest in seeing supporting numbers. There were a number of civil and reasonable responses, yet, poof, the thread is gone. Now I really couldnt care less about that thread as I never expected a proper honest answer anyhow, but the deletion of that thread tells me that either BY has something to hide and is BSing about the 7 mill, or ticat mods are anal. Probably both. Either way, BY should either drop the cats, or drop mrx, or the league should get someone else to run the site. BY should not be a mod of a forum. If he wants it that bad, then they never should have amalgamated forum with forums. This site should solely be run by the league, not one individual owner, directly or indirectly.

If you had bothered to look you would have found that your posts are still there and were not deleted. The thread you started was merged with an existing stadium thread.

I did look, didnt expect it to be blended and therefore hidden in another thread of over 200 pages. It was a simple question worthy of being a separate thread and getting a direct answer, which of course it will never get now. Then again, it probably wouldnt anyhow.

I have seen other peoples innocent poststopics get deleted from that forum for no apparent reason and have seen people complain about it. Have also experienced it my self with totally unique posts that counldnt reasonable be blended with anything else.

In either case, the rest of my post above still stands.

I started up another thread on the stadium issue and it got merged, no big problem, and my thread was for supporting the EM site. They don't want too many threads on the same topic even if the new thread is a version of the topic that the creator thinks should be a separate thread.

No need to change how it's being run and done IMHO.

Don't forget people that if you think a post or thread has been deleted, if you go into User Control Panel and click on Show Your Posts you will be able to see if it was deleted or not.

CFL teams that receive Financial and other subsidy from there "Home" city should publicly disclose their books and the salaries of their executive management and staff. IMHO.

so, now if ticats fold, who does the ticat forum belong to. Does bob let the whole die? Does bobs company replace the ticat forum in Questions questions questions.