Separated at Birth Part II

Most seemed to agree with me about Kent Austin and Mel Gibson. So try this one on for size.

Take a look at this article from the home page, in particular the photo:

[url=] ... &nid=17313[/url]

Now, what do you think...........separated at birth?

Rob Hitchcock and Jean Claude Van Damme? has been a LONG offseason, hasn't it?

Don't know if Hitchcock was separated from Van Damme ...MadJack....but it looks like he's definitely separated from the Cats' organization....i thought he should of hung em' up last yr. :roll: :wink:

Yeah i could see Hitchcock taking over in the Timecop sequal if they ever decided to make a sequal to that crappy movie.

(To anyone born after 1994, Timecop was a Van Damme movie.)