Is there a forum somewhere on the Sens?

Who cares ! @ #*&@ millionaires!

Don' t take my comment personally, MM. I'm just pissed off at the NHL for the lock-out and the dis-loyalty to their fans and Canada (remember the Jets and Nordiques moving ?) and no Stanley Cup. I hope they get a big wake-up call like baseball did and people stay away in droves and make them sweat bullets. Screw you Sens and the NHL. I USED to be a fan. :twisted:

Well thats not going to happen ticket sales have never been this strong ottawa has sold 13,000 season tickets.

Roughy I understand you frustration but keep in mind that it's the Sens situation over the past couple of season, as well as, their fiscal responsibility that kind of showed the NHL that teams need to run tighter ships... The other thing is you can't really blame the players for cashing in on the checks that were being given to them...

To tell you the truth... I'm pissed at the GADES for not addressing the needs of the team this year. They are trying to trick us by showing that they are trying to go after NFL names to draw us into buying tix for next year.... NEXT YEAR??? What about this year? IS the season already over? Are we throwing in the towel already?

I'm soooo looking forward the Ottawa Senators.... At least they are trying to win with the talent they have and they are grooming their youth through the best farming system in the NHL.... At least we are seeing some improvement...

The Gades are 4 seasons now into it and still nothing to show.

And it's not the players fault and I also don't blame the coaches (not entirely) - however the front office AGAIN is to be blamed for the poor on field performance.

If your pissed, I'm surprised it's not vs the Gades....

I totally agree with you on all fronts, MM. Maybe I should elaborate who I'm angry with. I'm angry at the NHL owners and Commisionaire Batman for the lockout and the high salaries they are still paying out after the lockout, turning their backs on canadian cities like Winnipeg, Hamilton and Quebec, and the arrogance of guys like Jeremy Roenick. Now for the 'Gades, believe me, I'm really pissed off at the front office and team ownership. They lost on friday because they were too cheap to bring in a punter. That game was lost on the feild position that the punting provided Winnipeg and the lack of feild position Kellett was unable to provide. I don't blame Kellett, I blame management for not bringing in a legitimate punter.I blame Glieberman for the hype around Palmer, etc. etc., Bring back Tillman now ! Don't wait until next year. This season is not over yet, bring in more guys if you have to. I'm pissed at Poapoa for abandoning the run after thwo quick touchdowns. Maybe they should be inserting Coleman alongside Ranek and have a double threat in the backfield. Get more imaginative Joe.

Coleman will be in this week, taking Yo Murphy's spot on the roster.

Does anyone know when our punter, Pat Fleming, is coming back? Because if he's not, they should be calling a legitimate one instead of try to save some money.