sens owner NOT INTERESTED in buying gades.

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Senators owner Eugene Melnyk says he doesn't want to buy the CFL Renegades.

Melnyk says he is concerned about the franchise's future, but says buying the team is not in the cards. In his words: "I will not be seeking to purchase the franchise."

Melnyk says his focus is to bring a Stanley Cup to Ottawa.

He is also working on leading Ottawa's bid to host the 2009 IIHF World Junior Championship, the NHL entry draft and the NHL awards television show.

Oh, oh. Houston we have a problem.

better start lookin for buyers from Quebec!

argos owner, cynamon ( sp? ), was just on bob mcgowan's prime time sports....he confirmed the league and tom wright had no clue things in ottawa would fall off the tracks like they have in recent weeks....

while they knew ottawa had low attendance and management problems, the fact is they thought the gades were taking a turn for the better when:
-lonie gliberman resigned as team president
-gliebs were lookin to bring back eric tillman
-lookin to hire nicholson as CEO.

next thing they knew, glieb decided not to go ahead with any of these plans, and rather not fully fund the team....outta the blue, cuz glieb always said he was there for the long haul, and it seemed he was fixing the NOT tom wrights fault.

and it wasnt tom wright who sold the gades to the was the current owner of the gades, Smith...smith was part of an ownership group, and it was thier decision to sell 51% of thier ownership to gliberman, not the CFL's or TW's....had the gades been ownerless, and the CFL had control of the team, they wouldnt have brought in the gliebs, but they didnt have a choice.

cynamon also said he doesnt expect the league to lose too much money if they fold the gades, cuz they wouldnt have to split tv rights with 9 teams, thus making up for any money they would lose in the tv deal for folding the gades.

also, said if the league can find an owner who would pick the team up in '07, the league would absolutly prop the gades for the '06 season.

I heard it as well DG. Although not totally ruling it out, it sounds like the league is prepared to go with 8 teams.

Well, at least the league will have more notice of the folding/suspension of the Renegades than they did with the Alouettes in '87. They did an amazing job reworking the schedule the day before the season started.

(I've still got my season ticket stubs for that season, including the one that says "Montreal Alouettes". The Cats played the Stampeders that day instead.)

Who would have thought, last year for the first time I took in a game at FC it was the last regular game of the year. My Argos. As it turns out, I may have watched the last ever game played in Ottawa. Oh god, I hope not.

Disappointing news ... I hope that there are other, just-as-competent, and strongly committed potential buyers out there.

Get RIM to buy the team. They have so much cash that they paid half a billion dollars in a patent settlement a couple of years ago. A few million for them would be just loose change.

Oh well, I have to look on the bright side and this means now I don't have to turn into a Senators fan and can stay with my Habs!


we don’t need him to be the owner, we just need his money. :smiley:

by sespension, not folding right?