Senior VP Glen Johnson retires

After 28 seasons.

Will stay on a consultant role.....on an on- need basis

Who woul be the sucessor?

Anyone. A blind mute donkey.

I have to think this was a retire or fire

I wouldn't hate Higgins. Maybe Bradbury

A blind mute donkey?

So, you don't want change at this position? ;D

This might be a retirement, but probably a "voluntold" retirement.
Save face and go now, or be let go.

Save face for both sides really. Now the league does not need to address him as a mistake by canning or something

He has dedicated 28 years to the League we all love so much!

He communicated with the fans, apologized for errors and did not hide from controversy

I give congratulations and respect to the man

Me too. I hold nothing against anyone who recognizes their errors and apologizes, because that's what worthwhile human beings do. He also gets my respect for his years of dedication and helping the league I love so much.

Nice writeup here on him from 100th 2012 Grey Cup in TOR

He's a great dude. I'll miss having him at CFL HQ. :slight_smile:

My gut tells me Glen was instructed to retire!

Refresh me.. What are some things he screwed up?

refresh you?? is that even possible??

I thought you died?.lol… Good to see the rumours were fake news.

I’m glad somebody said this. He’s a man that never settled and expected the highest standards from everyone. The hate being spewed at him here is beyond the pale.

There’s no hate. The guy just wasn’t that good at his job. CFL officiating is spotty at best and brutal at worst - - - - official reviews are somewhat of a joke! Glenn cajoled, weedled and bamboozled his way to a 27 year career. Good job doing that - not so good improving the work he was charged to improve!


I'm trying to understand what the issue is here. Is it Glenn Johnson or CFL officiating that you take exception to? I'm really trying to understand where you're coming from. Do you have verifiable sources to suggest that the guy "cajoled, weedled and bamboozled" his way to a 27 year career? It's an honest question. I really do not know much about the guy to be honest. Thanks in advance.