Send your complaints to the CBC

I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks Mark Lee is biased towards Toronto, he carries on like some reject fan who is in the bar yelling incoherently at a t.v screen after he’s pounded ten beers into his bloodstream. I used to find it amusing, but now I just can’t find it in myself to listen to his noise. So maybe if we all write nice little E-mails to the they’ll tell him to get himself undercontrol, instead of going beserker everytime something doesn’t go his blue teams way, or maybe they should just sit him out of Argo games, as he clearly gets himself worked up into a wild, fanatic frenzy for those games, which reflects poorly on the cbc.

Also, if you do write them, be nice, don’t mention that they’re wasting tax payers dollars, they tend to get defensive over things like that, and will dismiss your rant as typical fan rage.

You have another option: watch the game with the TV sound off and the radio on.

Another option would be attend the game if you can then you don't have to hear him

How about Walby. :roll:

Wably isn't bad... just a tad hypocritical since he was a tad dirty as a player, and tends to tee off on anything thats even remotely objectionable hit wise.

Lee is even more pro-west than pro-Toronto.

Walby just is a complete butcher of the English language and makes his grammar teacher feel awful.

There is the one play or more delay problem doing that. The radio and TV are NEVER in synch...

Oski Wee Wee,