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so daley is gonzo. lets see what happens now. i guess taman is safe for now.

....alot of teams were probably hoping we would keep Daley around....and stay the perennial loser.....sorry to all those guys ....we're on our way we go BigBlue... :arrow:


There sure isn't much of room below your actual standing. Up seems like the logical place to go.

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Third....... why kick a guy when he is down, we know we stink, mods I demand you lock this post immediately as third has hurt my feelings.whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.......

You guys need to fire Taman too! He let too many quality players slip by.

Rumour has it that Taman could've signed both Brian Clark and Scott Coe as a package deal when they initially became free agents.I heard it was only a $5000 difference. Taman didn't step up. :evil:

I say Taman should go to. He has lost his lustre in Winnipeg and maybe a change would be good for both parties.

IF Calgary can come back from the dead last year after Dunnigan at the helm surely we in Winnipeg can try damm hard to duplicate the feat. Calgary will be the West rep in Cup! :shock:

Sportsman the problem is Taman. No smart coach or player will want to play for this team as long as the problem remains. Bombers you are lucky the Gliebs got John Jenkins because other then that guy I can not see any one breaking the door for the job. Why is it two coaches have been fired already for a rebuilding team. Something tells me the guy at the top is not doing his job.

One word:


Taman SUCKS!!!

At least the Dailey era wasn't as bad as the Rubley/Reinbold one.

Yeah, did you read some of the players quotes? This has been going down hill for 5 years. Daley was 1 1/2 years who else has been there longer....Taman......Piggy, Pappa, KK, the house cleaning isn't finished yet.....theres one more head to scream for!

YEs, Taman is responsible for the product on the fields.

then he MUST DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


or get fired, whatever works.

Easy KK Valium buddy, valium.....


sniff Ah that's better! :mrgreen:

I'm calmer now

KK go punch the pillow a few more times this will remove that anger that you have developed.

.....sounds like he could be one of the missing fries in the Happy Meal.....

I need to buy a punching bag.

haha, jm02, I'm not happy at the moment, I agary that she left and I'm waiting untill Saskargo comes back.

There you you have solved the anger!

and a picture of this Taman chap.

Oh yes!!!! it's not going to be pretty.