Send Ric Flair to Ottawa

If we win.

Simoni Lawrence could carry him there

No just to the outskirts of town.


When they showed the tape of Flair giving a pre-game speech to the Ticats in the locker room, you could see that more than a few players were genuinely in awe/starstruck of Flair.

That speech helped this week. Doing it again next week would be redundant, IMO. Let the team leaders step up and do that job in Ottawa.

Something sure fired these guys up!!!

This is somewhat surprising since Flair’s heyday was long before most of these players were even born. I wouldn’t doubt that some of them were thinking “Who the hell is this guy?”

Could be. But WWE is now the only big-time pro wrestling outfit in North America, and Flair has figured prominently in their programming plenty in recent years. Flair may not be at center stage nowadays, but it would be hard for anybody to have watched WWE in the last 15 years and not recognize him, even if they don’t know him from “back in the day”.