SEnd Barrin Simpson a plane ticket

I really hope we are one of the team's he would deeply consider to start playing again .
He would make a great great addition . Side to side rush end ???? many more scenarios.

The peg's falling apart they better get rid of that home wrecking Coach before the hole teams not playing for him....Mike Kelly.

Dare I say that I don't think we need him?? :smiley:

Ahhh ? … Sure !!! … go ahead and say it!

Agreed. I don't really like anyone who asks to be traded?released mid year(even from a crappy winnipeg team). And were good at linebacker.

Are you guys from the same bunch that said in no way should we EVER bring Bruce here? Just curious :lol:

:) I'm not, I just don't think he'd be able to make things much better than they already are.

This time last year (sans injury), I would have saliva all over my keyboard at the prospect.

This year, our 3 LB's are by far the best in the league and I wouldn't change the chemistry.

I am a huge Simpson fan though.

8) I agree wholeheartedly with your comments.
 Don't forget, 3 years ago we tried desperately to sign Simpson when he was a free agent from 

 BC, and he chose Winnipeg, instead of us !!

 It's too bad we really don't need him at this time, because I think he would really have something to

 prove to Mr Kelly  !!!     <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

Granted I have not seen all of Hamilton's games but the rushing stats against the Cats would say otherwise. Barrin Simpson's specialty is protecting against the run and he has very good leadership skill he would be an asset to just about any team and in the case of Hamilton he would shore up the run defense.

The question is who would Hamilton give up? Mind you when you look at the trades the Bombers have made they would grab just about any one and probably throw in a few draft picks to boot. Every team knows that Winnipeg is easy pickings on trades so even if you only wanted Simpson for the remainder of the year you could probably grab a draft pick or two and or one of the teams young prospects.

All of our LB's are Obie guys, and he is not about to ask them to sit for Simpson.

I think the Bombers will have to cut Simpson, because no one will take him at his present salary.

I would like to see Simpson alternate with Floyd every now and then. Wouldn't go too far out of my way to get him though.

LOL! You wouldn't have to. Think about it we gave up 3 NI's this week for two players and one draft pick. When we traded Riall Johnson away yesterday that meant we traded Moreno for a draft pick. Never mind the fact that most teams know that if they show no interest we will cut Simpson anyway and that will give teams the freedom to renegotiate his contract.

It would be hard for anyone to "lose" in a trade with Winnipeg this year.

No thank you I love the Lb's we have now best in the league

Coach Marshall coached him in Winterpeg.
If he thinks that Simpson would help, I am sure he would have spoken to Obie....maybe he has already!

Barrin Simpson for Chris Bauman.

But, do we really need him? Our linebackers are collectively the best in the CFL and Haley is one hell of a substitute at MLB and Mariuz is always waiting in the wings...

Perhaps it's better to stand pat on this one. :?

If we were going to trade Bauman, I'd want Jovon Johnson to strengthen our weakening secondary. Bombers would likely go for it, as I believe 1. Bauman was born in Manitoba 2. N/I (obviously) 3. Decent receiver when in his true position (Slot)

The following written by the Montreal Gazette's Alouette reporter:


According to a western-based source, the Alouettes are one of two teams – Saskatchewan being the other – interested in possibly acquiring middle linebacker Barrin Simpson from Winnipeg.

Simpson requested a trade two weeks ago from the Blue Bombers, fearing his role was going to be reduced on the team. Instead, he was placed on the nine-game injured list with a case of turf-toe. But Simpson never signed a release agreeing to be put on the injured list. Now, it will likely be decided by the league's board of governors whether the Bombers circumvented any rules.

However, there are several things to consider before Montreal might potentially reach out for Simpson. Would they want to make a ratio change by acquiring him? And how would his addition affect the Als' ability to remain under the $4.2-million salary cap?

The Bombers would not give up Jovon. I don't doubt that they would be interested in Bauman though. They would probably throw Ralph in with Simpson.

Though I can UNDERSTAND some people's SENTIMENT - from a CHEMISTRY and LOYALTY perspective - concerning our current LB Corps ... it is absolutely LUDICROUS to suggest Barrin Simpson would not VASTLY, DRASTICALLY, and IMMENSELY improve the defense, here in Hamilton.

For a TOWN that is supposed to PRIDE itself in playing SMASH MOUTH DEFENSE ... Barrin Simpson fits the mold in SPADES.As much as I like Otis Floyd, Barrin Simpson is a MONSTER MLB. He is ALWAYS around the ball, and can ALWAYS be counted on to STICK the hit.

I'm not ADVOCATING either way here ... but whichever team is able to ACQUIRE him will go a LONG way toward solidifying, improving, and bolstering their DEFENSE. Kiss our chances of even DREAMING of an UPSET in Montreal, if they are able to bring him into their fold.


Ahh, ehhm, that would be me. Although I'm not sure I said "EVER".

I do agree that we have the best linebacking corps in the league right now. Meanie makes a good point though: keeping Simpson out of Montreal would be a good thing. Maybe a three way trade involving the Riders would accomplish that and get us something we have a more pressing need for upgrading (Fantuz?).

In Obie I trust.