Senators steal thunder.

why are the Senators playing tonight/ The CFL shouldnt put up with this crap. Why doesn't the NHL stick to just US teams on Grey Cup Sunday. The NHl does not compete at all against the Super Bowl.
Most people in Ottawa are just starting to reconnect with the CFL since the RedBlacks are coming next season.This does not help the Redblacks in anyway.

In the movie, "And the Band Played On", Matthew Modine's character says to Alan Alda, "I don't understand the point of this phone call". Alan Alda replies, "THAT's the point of this phone call".

The struggling Senators, with their out of town arena, are NOT looking to do the RedBlacks, with their new downtown stadium and their new season ticket base, any favours. If they can hurt/distract from the team, why not. That's life.
That free enterprise. That's competition.

Heh. A little hockey game aint gonna steal any spotlight from the annually biggest sporting event in the country. :stuck_out_tongue:

You got that right!

In previous years, there were more Canadian teams playing on Grey Cup Sunday... this year, none of the Canadian cities that have a CFL team play. I suspect next year, no Canadian teams will play; they are starting to realize head-to-head with the Grey Cup, they lose.

The Sens are playing tonight? Huh. Totally forgot.

I hope you're right. I still think the Senators did this intentionally. They struggle and may rue the day, a new team, in the downtown core, with cheaper season tickets, came to town. If I was them, I would schedule a game this evening.

Because not all hockey fans like football and all football fans don't like Hockey.

What do you want the CFL to do about it?

I still think the Senators are worried about the new kid in town. Everyone knows the people of Ottawa feel they are "entitled to their entitlements". They like their freebees and may be unwilling to support two franchises. The RedBlacks are the new kid on the block, with a new home, a long history and a ton of free publicity. I know I would be concerned.

This just in... Mike Duffy just bought RedBlack season tickets and cancelled his Senator season tickets. Wow! Things are worse than I thought for the hockey team. :wink:

Steal their season ticket base!!!

I think people have this idea that everything in Ottawa is paid by the tax payer fact is its not for exzample some think they many things are free in Ottawa and everything or most is funded by the tax payer is there some yes but not as much as some think.

So the rumour that the RedBlacks were going to be called the "Golden Parachutes" is inaccurate? :wink:

The Canadian Tire Centre is a awful location for many it would be the same distance to go to the Bell Centre in some cases its a shirter trip.

Mr. Melnyk is no where near as rich as he use to be. I love Canadian hockey and I worry about the future of that team.
To Ottawa's and the RedBlacks' credit, they put the stadium in the perfect location.

Not true. Lots of room for both teams. Attendance was never an issue with the Rough Riders/Senators and the Renegades/Senators. Besides..this is Carolina's home game not Ottawa's so they probably asked for the date. Has nothign to do with us.

Its not going to come down to how much money his has or does not have but if people just give up going out there when the outlet mall opens next year and Bass Pro in 2015 plus all the houses being built there is around 20,000 noew homes planned with in 10-15 years with out events at the rink the traffic will be 10 times worse then add games it would be a nightmare.

Fair enough.

Oh come on Bungle. Gag. Get a grip. Fans can record it, if it's being televised and watch it after the Grey Cup. Those that have the split screen feature on the TV can watch both games simultaneously if they can't help themselves. Or if they are female fans they can multi-task by listening to one on the radio while watching the Grey Cup on TV.

The Senators game, I don't think is going to steal one decibel from the CFL classic let alone any thunder. In fact….don't be surprised if some of the Canadian players on the Senator's team have requested small monitors placed behind the Ottawa bench or for that matter in the penalty box! lol :rockin: