Senators Embarrass Themselves

Ottawa trades Mike Hoffman to San Jose. Gets little in return.

A few HOURS later, San Jose trades Mike Hoffman to Florida. Get more.

Ottawa looks BAD!!!

Sens fans...

Yeah, they bungled this situation pretty badly.

I would defend Dorion saying his hands were tied but after seeing what the Sharks got moments later in Florida.

Overall, Hoffman needed to go but if Karlsson is gone too, they miht as well tarp up more of the arena....yes I know the tarps are coming off this year.

Melnyk needs to sell this team yesterday...

But who's going to buy them and keep them in Ottawa?

There's at least one group in the mix. Perhaps 2 of them.

One is lead by the Desmaries family who was behind the rival bid for Lebretons flats. Guy Lalibetre co-founder of Cirque de Soleil has interests as well. These 2 could be together.

They're willing to work with the Lebreton plan if Melnyk can't. Eugune is not interested is selling and the franchise is suffering for it....he may be the Braley of the NHL...only doesn't have the financial means anymore.

The problem with those two is they are connected to QC .

The players like OSEG with another money man or even Melnyk as minority owner could get the Lebreton Flats deal done with partners who are builders in the city and know their way around getting residential and retail development done . Melnyk already has one piece of OSEG on board .

Pagnotta from Fourth Period: Offer received for Senators

Initially rejected but talks on going. A couple of tidbits jump out.

NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly acknowledged this report when contacted via email early Thursday morning, and wanted to temper the subject by stating that he doesn’t “equate an offer to purchase the Sens (and reporting that offer to the board) with an intention or desire to sell the team. The two are very different in my mind.?
So Melnyk doesn't want to sell but the offer must be serious enough to be discussed with the board.
It’s not yet been confirmed, but there is strong belief the interested party in the franchise is, or includes, Cirque du Soleil co-founder Guy Laliberte, who has a net worth of $1.37 billion and has expressed interest in the Senators in the past. It’s also believed Laliberte may have played a role in the Senators securing their latest $135M loan
If Laliberte is really behind the recent refinancing....which was oddly enough announced by the team....then it's only a matter of time until this team is on more solid ground.

Interesting stuff , good find Mightygoose . Thanks for posting it .

I'm sure a lot of Sens fans would love to see Melnyk exit the scene as owner after some of his comments, last year think it was.

Ottawa pro sports is being ran like how politicians behave: Speak out of both sides of their mouth while pursuing their own agenda all along.