Senator Campbells bid to keep the NFL out

It has pasted first reading. In a bid to drum up support we as CFL fans should email to support him in his bid.

Email Harper and your MP.

Take your pick.


Cabinet Ministers


Click on the name to bring up their page with the email address. I think the Heritage Minister (Josee Verner, would be two of the good ones to target along with the PM (, Party Leaders, your own MP, senators from your province and Senator Campbell.

...what was pasted to the first reading? :wink:

Maybe it was written on a postit note? :wink:

Yea baby go for it Senator, make this work.

JM02 it stated it has gone through the first readin.

Here is a reply from Mr Campbell not soon after I sent it.

[b]You are most welcome. We need to keep this in front of the politicians no matter what stripe.

Larry [/b]


All CFL fans should be doing this.

According to the proposed Bill's Bill:

  • It is illegal for the CFL expand to to the U.S. or any other country.

  • Ralph Wilson could face up to two years in prison if the Bill's play their August regular season game in Toronto.

Would they try to extradite Ralph Wilson from Buffalo to face charges or would he be arrested when he crosses the border to watch the Bill's game in August?

According to the wording of the Act, I'm not sure Ted Rogers could be charged, unless he is deemed to be the "operator" of the Bills game in Toronto, then he could be facing two years in jail also.

They did it to Marc Emery why not the other way? This is senator Campbells email

Saw this article on CTV and was surprised by some of the comments. A lot of ignorant people. I left a nice comment.

Senator wants to bar NFL team from moving to Toronto

I still say the best way to fight this is the fans. The CFL has to convince those people who buy Bills tickets that the CFL is the better option and get them to spend their money on the Argos and Ti-Cats instead. I think new teams would go along way in helping that. I think a new team in either Halifax, Quebec city or both would go along way in sparking intrest in the CFL in those who think it is dead or that it is boring. Alot people in this country feel the CFL isn't a real league because it has so few teams. That is one of the biggest if not biggest thing holding it back.