Semi-Official Ticats-Bombers game-day play-by-play thread.

another Incompleet

Time to add another link. Click here for CFL's live gameday scoreboard. It's a great way to keep track of individual players stats, as those are what will be analyzed closely in this game, perhaps they're more important than the score.

And yes, Beckman was the punter's name.

a Dump Pass for 1 yard Shawn king not looking good..

We can't go 2nd and long.
now the Punt ..

ya 1 Point

At least we didn't get shut out?

We're winning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

Unfortunately, he won't get a lot help, he's got all these rookies to work with, but hopefully they'll make him look good.

Setta punts for a single, 1-0 Hamilton. A 65 yard punt!


2nd & 15 On the flag

Is the online broadcast lagging behind or is it just me?



Pick! Welcom aboard, Jackson!

He takes it to 'Peg 13!

King, take it in.

on the Internet is a Touch behind..

We're in the redzone -- time to go jumbo.

King MUST put it in the end zone. No excuses now!

Nice pick...description! LOL



WOOOO! Touchdown!

Cool scramble!