Semi-Official Ticats-Bombers game-day play-by-play thread.

Hi Everyone!

Happy 2007 Tiger-Cat Football!

Good Luck Cats and a special Hi to my buddy Wilf logged in and listening excitedly to CHML from Elliot Lake way the heck north of us....!

Still got snow up there?..... :lol:

Thanks for the game thread you guys! :thup:

Go Cats Go!

The snow finally disappeared a few days ago.
The thought was that somebody named mikey came back on here and released some pentup hot air.
Enough jokes about the most beautiful community in Ontario. When you, or your parents' are considering retirement, this is the place to do it.

Back to the Cats... Oski-wa-wa....

Pre-game show on CHML...

Beautiful music to these ears.

Amen Bother Amen

I'm still at work. I get out of here in 11 mins and I'll be hightailing it home to listen in. It sure was a long offseason

Well, can't start a season without a REALLY LOUD version of "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC

This is a great 'live' version

Speakers Cranked please!.....Enjoy! :stuck_out_tongue:

You gotta love it when the coach quotes Vince Lombardi.

Hello all, BYF is here in the house and is quite pleased to be back here participating in a game thread. It's a preseason game, but a game nonetheless and I have my Lakeport Pilsener with me and I'm ready to go.

I'd like to thank DBlue and BoxD for complimenting me on my earlier post. I do try to make it so that as much of the information you could ask for will be there on the first page of the thread. And I do have a little more information to add, which was not available at the time I posted that last post.

Click here for Winnipeg's depth chart in HTML (non-PDF) form.

Click here for the Ticats special teams depth chart. Robichaud is our long snapper, and both Myers and Setta are there. Returning kicks and punts will apparently be Fowlkes, Alston and Walker.

And it sure is good to hear the CHML pregame show. Interesting to hear Taaffe say all three quarterbacks might play a few series in the first half. And speaking of radio coverage, I might occasionally tune into CJOB to get that Winnipeg perspective.

Game starts in five minutes!

And away we go…

Oskie WEE WEE!

Good to hear Coach Salavantis.
His insight is great.

One could keep a running joke about preferring a poor record to being from Winnipeg, but... nah.

It is good to hear Sal back in the broadcast booth after returning from the front lines.

Ticats to receive. Shaun King, show us what you can do...

Game on!


And we begin with a good return from Walker, but Davis only gets one yard on a carry.

2 and out...AND SO IT BEGINS!! btw im just kidding!

After incomplete attempt to Alston, Setta punts one 50 yards with good hangtime. Good to have a punter. Welcome aboard, Setta.

2 and out. We need to rebuild :stuck_out_tongue:. But a nice punt by Setta.

Now time for the punter we rejected to punt. :slight_smile:

Correction: Is that punter's name Beckman?


King better find a receiver he can work with…quickly!

let hope the 2nd Set of plays is better then the 1st