Semi Finals Thread.

MTL defense is spectacularly ordinary.

ESK’s up 7-0

I hear the airhorn guy is back. >:(

Sky cam is back. Bell media crowbar-ed the wallet open.

Hi folks!

EDM came to play, can they maintain it?

This could be a high scoring game…

Hi Russ

Both QB’s look like they brought their A game. Not sure who I want to win this. I have nightmares about facing Harris and Ellingson?

anyone but the Esk’s and what a nice return by the Als

EE seem to be controlling this one so far - up 15-7 early in the 2nd. Missed the beginning of their drive but they were practically on the goal line when I came back into the room so I’m assuming that they started with a short field.
And As I was slightly distracted for a moment Alford returns the kickoff for 6! I suspect this one could come down to the wire!

Don Unamba beat like a mule

Harris needs to be crushed. Come on Als

Rod Black is on his game too!

If he shows up next week, will security help us subdue him, or are we on our own as fans?

It would be nice if the team put the word out to staff that this complaint must be dealt with.

Noticed they just remarked that Harris has been untouched but then the larks don’t really have a pass rush. He might not be so lucky against our D should they EE win this one. I know he shredded our D last year but they are MUCH better this year and he probably won’t get off unscathed. If nothing else, they should be able to disrupt his rhythm and get him off his game. Need Montreal to disrupt something now before he takes away Masoli’s record. Still a few passes to go.

Harris is 18/18…Hope I just jinxed him

I guess it’s fair to say he is not rusty from missing all those games.

I need more updates on the streak though. Two mentions per play is not enough for me to keep track.

DBs on both teams are struggling.

I hope so too.
Can’t depend on the lark’s D to pick him off or even bat down a pass. They’ll need to make some serious half time adjustments to slow him down. Unless Slowik is like Glanville and can’t come up with a solution. ???

I’m not sure who I’d prefer to win. I do find myself cheering for the Esks. I dont like the Al’s at all. But also Harris could be a hand full in the Final if they win.

^ Completely agree