Semi-Finals Tailgate

Guys, we are going to tailgate before sunday's game....Yellow X marks the location:

We will be there around 9am, if weather allows us......with our

Just drop by :slight_smile:

I would be there in a second.. But I got like 4 tickets to unload CALISE!
Anybody need cheap good seats? :smiley:

You have 4 tickets to unload? I thought you had only two spare tickets.

I will check again with my relatives and friends.

I think Imight make it after all!!!
3rd you interested??
So where are you guys gonna be at?
I would bring all my tailgating gear but I'm busy moving and I'm taking off to Cuba next week! I wonder if I can find a bar in Havana that will have CBC for the East final?? LOL

Sorry, I'm an idiot. I went on the Goalsgo site instead of clicking the link. GOT IT!
So 9am ehh? I'll try to be there by... 11am. I'll be the guy smoking a big cigar with a red Calvillo jersey. Can I park there at that time also? how much?


As for parking , I don't know how much it for the other will all be on Go Al's Go website before saturday...with who brings what...

I should be there around 9-10am, I will reconfirm on the site.

Also, a guy from the website (section w) will do a "fund raiser" in the parking lot, for Ezra Landry(katerina hurricane, he lost everything) , we're going to give him the money after the game. I'll probably put 20$ in the hat...even if we get 200$, Ezra will still be happy :slight_smile:

We tried to do this with the Al's organisation but they weren't cooperative at all.....(even at the last game vs T.O.) we're doing it ourselves....

Updated Info as of tonight...

Should be there around 10am...unless there is an hurricane !

Photos of Tailgate are now uploaded !

Enjoy !