Semi final

Yesterdays game was a thriller, Argos came from behind and brought us a winner.

On a another note, the attendance was only 26000 plus

was it just me? or did it look like there was a lot more then 26,000 at the dome?

it looked like 35,000 on tv...after the 1st quarter ofcourse....gardner expressway makes most fans late.

Yeah I was at the game where apparently 38,000 attended & on TV at least there looked to be more at the dome... announced 26,000?

maybe they meant to announce 36,000

I was at the game.

The Argos side(the side the camera shows) was completely packed in the 100 and 200 level.

However, the Blue Bombers side was only half full and the endzone seats were mostly empty. There were also only a few fans in the 500 level.

I thought it looked like more than 26,000 but if that in fact was the count, then its an absolute disgrace!

it is a disgrace...just like when the stamps only got 26K for thier playoff game last year, or the Als only had 30K for thier playoff game last year.

the argos had the highest attended playoff game LAST YEAR, and now will have the worst attended playoff game THIS year.