Semi Final TV Ratings

Mike Hogan ?@tsnmikehogan
#CFL on #TSN audiences yesterday. #Argos vs Eskies 1,147,000 Sask vs. Calg 1,622,000

Arash Madani ?@ArashMadani
Good for the #CFL. Playoff telecasts drew 1.2 and 1.6 million viewers for East and West semi's respectively. Staggering figures.

Two different sources, great numbers, good to see

impressive numbers indeed for semi final games.
This weekend contests should be nothing short of phenomenal based on those figures.

Anyone know what the ratings were for the semis last season?

I read on a Argo site that the numbers for 2011 semi 's(east and west ) averaged about 1.5 million but these included RDS numbers as well , so if the numbers quoted above are 1.2 and 1.6 million for TSN , and do not include the RDS viewers , this may make the average even more for this year .

Source: ... &yyyy=2012

That's a great start, hopefully the momentum continues with the Division Finals.

does RDS carry Western games at all, or just exclusively Eastern/Montreal contests?

If so, the Western semis may have attracted a possible 1.9 mil give or take.

Holy cow, these numbers are huge , from the press release it would indicate that these are ONLY TSN numbers and do not include RDS , off to a good start ,----- next week numbers with the four biggest markets in Canada in play should be interesting indeed.

Both semi-finals were on RDS as will the finals.


Those are awesome #s, now just imagine one day if the cfl can ever get a team in Atlantic Canada and have the martime folks included in the ratings.

Wow! Those numbers are HUGE! Could be just what the doctor ordered for the next round of TV rights negotiations!

The Grey Cup numbers should be massive!!!

Exactly what I was going to say!
I would not be surprised if this weekends Finals bring in close to 2M per game.

Hope you're right. Numbers like that have to be acknowledged by major advertisers. I mean those are NHL-esque numbers!

The only thing that makes this even sweeter is that this must just be killing Rogers and their sports properties than struggle to draw 300,000 :oops: :lol:

With the numbers growing, can we now say chi ching to the future TV contract at a minimum $50M per year!

I don't imagine these numbers include NBC who are also broadcasting the CFL post-season.

Hard to say because the production costs for a CFL game are very high.

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Interesting article here about the TC contract with the NHL who is also looking to hit the Canadian broadcasters with a big increase. As it stands now CBC pays the NHL 250 000.00 per hour of material that's above the production costs which I think would be similar between both sports. Both are 3 hours and use roughly the same quantity of cameras. Except the CFL is not paying a clown like Cherry 800k a year. So if you transfer that to the CFL everything being equal. CFL season being roughly 90 games with post season. 90 x 3 hours x 250k you would arrive at 67.5 million a year. You would need a ratings comparison to know what the value to the broadcaster is but CBC clears 15 million after revenue and expenses with its current NHL contract and the ads for its HNIC broadcast account for a whopping 53% of the networks advertizing revenues.

So for fun sake lets say CFL viewership is 50 percent of what CBC gets for the NHL broadcast. Everything being equal the CFL should get around 36 million a year in TV money. you can pretty much break it down by comparing the total viewership of both contracts and I don't know what that is. But what is clear that what they are getting now makes no sense and will make even less sense when they have to split it 9 ways instead of 8.

Personnally, I don't expect the new agreement between League and TSN to exceed much more than $36.0 millions a year; should range between $35.0 millions and $37.5 millions,which would be great. Roughly 4.0 millions per Team. Roughly an increase of 2.0 millions per Team,compared to actual agreement; roughly $1.2 to $1.0 more per Team and increase of roughly $800,000 to $1.0 for Players on each Team. Max.cap should be around $5.1 per Team in 3 to 4 years from now.


Max cap should read $5.2 millions,in 3 to 4 years from now.


That's pretty much how I see it as well. I think most teams would be happy with that and it would likely be manageable for TSN with some of the increase past on to advertisers.

Yes, but the NBC Sports Network is very much a niche product here in the states. The folks in Indy Car racing, for example, are complaining that the small TV footprint provided by NBCSN is helping to kill their series. (Whether or not that series actually needs help committing suicide is another matter, and beyond the scope of this discussion.)

That said, it's also worth noting that the TSN broadcasts are available on ESPN3 down here. I've no idea what sort of contribution that presence makes to ratings for CFL games in the US. Since the games are streamed online, they may not even get counted in traditional ratings, though I would expect advertisers like Nissan must be getting some sort of accounting. A cursory Google search didn't shed much light on that question. All I can say for sure is that I've done my part to keep up the number of CFL viewers on ESPN3 this year.

i think the case for $45M-$50M/year has been made, but like you, i see it coming in at a little lower at $38M/year.
i think the CFL gives it to TSN cheaper because of what they bring as a partner.

for the CFL to give a $50M/year property away for $38M, TSN needs to do a lot more than they've done to justify such a heavy discount;

1 weekly game on CTV, in which the panel and pregame show is broadcast live from the host stadium. this would go a long way in making a must-see MNF-type game that gets more casual sports viewers to tune in, and not just the die-hards who subscribe to the specialty channel, TSN.

also, a commitment to better production values;
more cameras - specifically the overhead cam used in the playoffs
better announcers - the raptor play-by-play guy from earlier this year really cemented how much more professional a CFL game could be.
lose Rod Black.

a weekly football show, like 'that's hockey'. say, every thursday, have a show discussing last weeks action and this weeks upcoming games, stories, etc. brian william's features, dave naylor's 'state of the league' segments, 'LaPo's coaching perspectives, 'game balls', the stuff that makes's video player but not sportscentre's...etc.

to give the broadcast property away for $12M/year less than value and not get all of the above in return is a massive disservice to the brand.

with all of the above, i think you'll see the CFL finally get it's due respect in the southern ontario market over the course of the 5-year deal.

just to expand a bit further on why the CFL needs a weekly game on CTV ( plus playoffs and grey cup );

currently, the CFL does not have a weekly ‘flagship’ show.
the NHL has hockey night in canada. same day, same time, same channel every week. you see the leafs draw 700,000 viewers from sunday-friday when on global or sportsnet, but they get 1.3M viewers for their ‘flagship’ show.
the NFL has MNF as it’s ‘flagship show’. higher ratings and on a mainstream channel. not specialty channel.

the CFL draws 750,000 viewers each game, but does not have a flagship show.
sure, TSN puts a little effort in marketing FNF, but what is different about it? same channel as the rest. same production values. same panel. same announcers. same opening song. nothing makes it more ‘must-see’ than the other games.

i feel, with a weekly show on CTV, you’ll see the ‘flagship’ show will outdraw the regular TSN games. my guess is 1 million viewers or more every week for the ‘flagship’ show. whether that means moving FNF to CTV, or creating a saturday afternoon show on CTV, it doesnt matter. if a casual sports fan is going to watch only 1 football game per week, it is likely to be the ‘flagship’ show on the mainstream channel with the big-game feel of the panel live from the stadium, more cameras, better announcers, etc.

5 years later, the CFL has a much higher valued brand than it currently does, as it can put up for bids, it’s 3 regular weekly shows drawing 750,000/game, plus it’s flagship broadcast which draws over 1 million/week, plus playoffs and grey cup broadcasts.
heck, they could even sell them as 2 different properties - flagship show plus playoffs and grey cup for one price, and the 3 weekly games to another network for a different price - if it brings more money.
that is when you’ll see the CFL making $50M/year or more on it’s TV contract.