Semi-final TV Audience

CFL Playoffs Kick-Off with Big Audiences on TSN and RDS

– Hamilton @ Montreal game scores 1.6 million viewers –
– Calgary @ Edmonton attracts 1.4 million viewers –

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Toronto, ON (November 14, 2011) – The opening weekend of the CFL Playoffs has delivered thrilling games and large audiences for TSN and RDS. Overnight data from BBM Canada confirms the Hamilton-Montreal overtime thriller was watched by an average audience of more than 1.6 million viewers on TSN and RDS. It was the second most-watched television program on Sunday following THE AMAZING RACE on CTV (2.3 million viewers).

The audience for the high-scoring game peaked at 3 million viewers in overtime as the Tiger-Cats defeated the defending Grey Cup champion Montreal Alouettes 52-44.

The Edmonton-Calgary West semifinal attracted an average audience of 1.4 million viewers on TSN and RDS.

Overall, more than 7.1 million Canadians tuned in to watch some of the CFL Playoffs on TSN on Sunday. recorded 33,000 views from fans watching the games live online.

CFL playoff action continues on TSN and RDS this weekend with the East Final on Sunday, Nov. 20 featuring Hamilton @ Winnipeg at 1 p.m. ET, followed by the West Final featuring Edmonton @ B.C at 4 p.m. ET. The CFL ON TSN panel will be live on location from BC Place in Vancouver.

The 99th GREY CUP in Vancouver will be broadcast live on TSN and RDS on Sunday, Nov. 27.

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Well this is great news! What were the numbers like for last years playoffs?

More people watched the Amazing Race? Pathetic!

I was shaking my head as well. :?

Although having said that, CTV has much more viewer reach than TSN as the former is a broadcast network while the latter a specialty cable channel.

I've never understood people who can receive good news and then find a way to complain about it.

And to think, TSN does not want to give us a much needed pre game show after all 3 stupid hours of the No Fun League is a must!

Hey! Bill and Cathi are awesome to watch...


Can you really stop it with the No Fun League garbage? Seriously, not only is it lame (try being creative), it's also untrue. I'm guessing you didn't watch the Giants-Niners game yesterday, but I defy any football fan to say that game wasn't fun in the same way that I challenge all the "only NFL" idiots to say that the East Semi wasn't exciting. If you don't like the NFL, fine. But trying to malign it just makes you look foolish.

I also don't understand why anyone take a thread that should be a celebration of how well those playoff games did and turn into a negative against the NFL. I guess I shouldn't be surprised because this is the Internet where we can make stupid statements and hide behind screen names. Build up what you like by accentuating its positives; don't do it by manufacturing negatives about the other.

No fun no fun no fun no fun no fun

Eastern Semi-Final was in the early afternoon where The Amazing Race is on Prime Time network television. The two are completely unrelated. I doubt anything touched those ratings in the afternoon. for sake of comparison

UFC's world heavy weight fight on Fox saturday night drew 5.7 million. To do 3 million viewers on cable on sunday afternoon in Canada is SPECTACULAR.

hahahaha.....NO FUN LEAGUE! :lol:

Fantastic numbers for fantastic football. TSN's production was also much better than in the regular season, but I agree nothing lamer than week 10 NFL countdown before the big games.

That is probably "free content" from ESPN, that's the only way I can explain it.

Yes I think you're right. It's my belief as well. In fact I'd wager that's the reason; low production costs. I just wish for TWO weeks they would invest a better pre-game show. They do it for Grey Cup anyways, than after the playoffs they could continue with NFL countdown.

Excellent numbers. :thup:

Remember, Monday Night Football got bounced from regular channels because it doesn't get the numbers of regular programs.

Too bad, waaaaaaaaaaaaaa....No Fun League.
Oh yes, real men only play 3 downs.

Can we imagine what the 2 games would draw if they were on the main CTV network where the playoffs and GC belong and hopefully will do so during the next TV contract.

Great numbers. Hopefully that helps shut up the bozos who say the play-offs should be moved to a Saturday so they don't compete with the NFL.

And for every game like that, there are 10 like the Denver-KC game.

And for every game like the Eastern Semi, there's an entire regular season of the Toronto Snorealots. So what's your point?


It looks like the ratings for the Semis were terrific so...

Nice to see.