Semi-Final Ticket Scalpers

Hello Riderland,

Ebay has over 100 playoff tickets up for auction right now. Over the last week countless tickets have gone for big dollars. $400 for a pair.

Did the Riders drop the ball on this one?

My roommate waited in line for 4 hours and was turned away when they sold out (9000 tickets) in twenty minutes.

The Rider brass said they wanted to keep things fair so they opened the online ticket office at the same time they opened the ticket office they understand how fast tickets can sellout online? Remember the Rolling Stones?

Was this fair?

It definately could have used some tweaking, and I think if they had to do it over they would limit the # of tickets that flex pack holders can purchase, and probably limit the number of playoff tickets to something like 4 per person.

In the end most of the tickets were available to those who supported the team over the course of the year, be it Season ticket holders, flex pack, and share holders, so they weren't wrong in that sense, just needs tweaking.

Actually going to the stadium was kind of stupid to get tickets if you dont already have season tix...

With the internet, its not worth it...
I mean we sold out the Stones in like 45 minutes or something didnt we? This was 9,000 tickets for something we all love more.

It's been so long for you guys, I think it's too bad that things were handled poorly.

What isn't fair is the six tickets that was allowed to be purchased per person - 2 per that should be it - 6 per just opens the door to abuse. I don't know if it's feasible but those selling on ebay as obvious scalpers should be banned from future Rider ticket purchases.

Interesting idea. If the guys doing the scalping used credit cards, it is possible to track because of the way the computer system processes purchases. Has anyone contacted the Rider office?

Hey this is perfectly fair. I wish there were more scalpers around. In fact, the riders should have come up with a rule. If you want to buy 100 tickets no problem.

It is the fan that is stupid enough to pay a scalper for a ticket that causes the problem. If they can't see the ticket they won't buy them.

In the early 90's was in Toronto wanted to go a Blue Jays game, the scalpers were attempting to make money, didn't go for it. Watched the game down the street in a bar until 2 inning, and then offered the scalper 25 cents on the dollar. You know what he took it, he had to re-coup something.

Of the people who wanted tickets, but did not get tickets, were season ticket holder, flexpack owners or shareholder? If you fell into one of these categories, you could book tickets before they went on general sale. Next time, support one of these opportunities and you will get tickets!

Yah, I am the stupid one for wanting to go see a Rider game after it is already sold out. Quit making asinine comments. 100 tickets per scalper charging $400 dollars a ticket! Okay, a half filled stadium on a playoff game would be awesome.

Buy an f'in flex pack, seasons, a computer and a credit card, or at least a Rider Share = disappointment avoided. Any one of those things would have virtually locked up your playoff tickets and fair is fair in the world of marketing. I stand behind Hopson 28 800%.


I don’t think scalping tickets is illegal in Saskatchewan, so im not sure if there’s any legal action that the team can actually take.

It isn't assinine, the only way scalper make money is if people pay.

I wanted to go to game to, but I refuse to pay a scalper. Will likely go down to the stadium on game day and pick up a couple at the posted price. If not then somebody else can be foolish enough to lose money, it will either be the fan who buys them for $400 or the scalper who paid the $60 or $70 dollars for the ticket. Either way it won't be me.

You think the scalper doesnt have a cotingency plan? Im sure they'll be happy in consolation just attending the game themselves...sheeesh people, Im a socialist, but this is the kind of capitalism I've never minded. Buck up or shut up. Next thing you guys will say is lets give the homeless tickets for free!


well that sounds kinda silly, a scalper with only 1 ticket? i dunno i always assumed they had more than 1.

Its actually a shame that the deserving fans can't get tickets. I meen im a Lions fan and i had no problem getting tickets as the stadium holds 58,000 people. But you know its the way things work. When i go to Canucks games there are way to many corporate business seats rather then real fans sitting in them. Anyways my point is that i feel bad for rider nation that real fans can't get a ticket but thats just the way it is.