Semi-Final Sunday TV ratings 2019

Semi-Final Sunday TV ratings 2019:
Edmonton at Montreal — 626,900
Winnipeg at Calgary — 1,100,800
Average: 863,850

Not bad .

See if it can go higher this SUNDAY .

With SSK in it, it will go ballistic

Considering both TSN 2 and 4 we’re not available due to MLS Cup final with TFC, these are not bad numbers at all.

Does the EDM-MTL number include RDS?

Just imagine how much better the numbers could have been if either of these games was broadcast nationally instead of just regionally.

The CFL needs a national TV contract desperately.

Counting on it . Looking forward to both games .

With the weather bad so early in November they should reap a few more viewers wanting to watch some three down Canadian as they stay warm .

Agree .

Not sure why they don’t leave one channel that still is the main national feed that is on basic then add the regionals for their hockey deals as extra with TSN 2 .

How difficult is that ?

Usually RDS is not included in those statistics. I think we can add at least 200 000, probably more because it was the first Alouettes playoff game since 2014 and because the Als were awesome to watch this year.

Add to this something other than that ESPN Plus scam in the US, for the afternoon slate of NFL games is awful and that’s common in the second half of the NFL season as the good from awful teams are easily evident.

I would guess you’re correct. Als with a winning record and playing entertaining football all season should have generated a decent french audience for the game.

Anyone know the ratings in Japan or Austria? ;D

Probably lower than they would normally be because the games weren’t broadcast on a national channel.

In Austria they were schlecht

I watched both games from Arizona on ESPN2 is that the same as ESPN Plus?

But I heard they were up 79% from last year.

Great numbers for limited showing.
Now just think if this was on the main CTV network and it had some promotion like the No Funners have for every Sunday.
Goes to show you, Ambrosie has to concentrate on the next TV deal and have proper negotiations then piece meal our TV contract to at least a few networks for maximum $ return.
More money, Sunday games and better promotions are the keys.

some of the ladies on 3 down “comments section” called out 3downnation for not mentioning RDS. Good on them because that is exactly what 3down’s intent was. It probably added 200K to the 626,900

Here is a quote from her
Chantelle Robinson
“Interesting this article doesn’t seem to include the French viewing numbers for the Montreal game. I assume if they did that it wouldn’t fit their narrative that the cfl is struggling.”

This no doubt also applies to the CTV main network and the anti CFL ad agencies in Toronto, just to name two.
It is a concerted effort to keep the CFL down a notch while pumping financial, promotional and major advertising dollars to the No Funners.
Shame on a Canadian company(ies).

Updated with Quebec

Paulo Senra who I believe used to work for the CFL and DAZN tweeted this today. Great numbers in Quebec.