Semi-Final Saturday heads to Montreal and BC

TORONTO — The Canadian Football League’s Division Semi-Final matchups are set for Saturday, November 4.

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Picking Montreal - they own Hamilton this year
and Picking Calgary - as they did this weekend will dominate BC in the West SF

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You are 50% correct

You are 100% wrong.

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You’re all 43% correct and 170% wrong.

Have to agree with GOTC, 100% Wrong!!!

Hamilton will be playing loose. Montreal will be uptight with a touch of hubris. Edge: Hamilton

BC has had to earn most of their wins this season. No hubris there. Edge: BC

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Hamilton and Calgary getting hot at the end of the season.
The fact that the Als owned hamilton earlier in the year is meaningless. The Ticats have the better QB duo

I would say the Als have the better D.

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First, as a fan from the U.S., I want to express my gratitude for the CFL having live streamed the games on/with CFL+ for the ENTIRE season. I think this is my first time to have seen an entire season, which, considering my on-and-off lifelong fandom of the CFL and nearly two decades of full on, has been amazing! Second, I see the Alouettes outlasting the Ti-Cats (seriously, how did they not know Bo Levi was done two or three years ago) and, sadly, the Lions mauling the Stampeders. There has to be an asterisk next to that Lions prediction because Vern Adams does tend to randomly present with quarterback play that more resembles a Grand Mal Seizure than it does a Grey Cup-level winning Pivot. If the Stamps can run the ball as they did in the last game against BC and if Vern goes all neurocognitive disorder with the ball, the Stamps could steal a win and book tickets to Winnipeg. Speaking of Winnipeg: my favorite team. A few years ago, wife and I headed north to check out the Canada Day festivities and to see the game in Winnipeg (they defeated the Thigpen-fueled Ticats). This was at the old Winnipeg Stadium and It just happened to be the day they honored Bud Grant (former Blue Bomber and Minnesota Vikings HC). When an event like that is your full-time entry point into a sport fandom, that team becomes yours whether or not you want it to be. So, Imma Blue Bomb guy. Oh, and Canada Day–having experienced the festivities in Chetwynd, BC and Winnipeg—is a proper party!


Welcome to the CFL forum AAlex

I have a similar story. Whenever we visited family near Detroit, I’d catch a CFL game on TV. Finally, about 10 years ago, I made it to Winnipeg on Canada Day and saw the Blue Bombers.
I also love CFL+. This is the first year I’ve been able to watch games at home.

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Cool nice to hear, Oskee WEE WEE!!!

I really cannot express just how much I appreciate the CFL making all the games available. I have become so turned off by what football has become in the NFL and NCAA (stupid NIL and all the grotesque volume of money killing the sport). The CFL is my last refuge and this season has been magical! So fun to watch the teams and players develop as the season progressed.

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