Semi Final predictions

I’m surprised that there isn’t a “Who Will Win? Thread yet.

Here are my biased unscientific picks for the weekend.

WINNIPEG WILL WIN if their defense can shut down Williams and Avery and force Damon Allen to hurry his throws. Just like Montreal did in the second half from last week, the Bomber Defense needs to put the pressure on. On Offense, they need to get Charles Roberts going, and when called on their receivers need to hold onto the ball. Brazzel needs to step up and get rid of his “Flakey? handle. Glenn needs to stay healthy!

TORONTO WILL WIN if they can establish a running game with Williams and Avery. The offensive line must give Damon Allen time to find his receivers. On Defense, shut down Roberts, and you force Glenn to make bad decisions. Cover Stegal like BC did and you shut down their offense.

WINNIPEG BY 1. (Smelling salts for Papa, I did pick them) There is usually an upset in Playoffs and this is the one. Toronto looks right for the picking, and if Winnipeg follows my Blueprint for success they will squeak it out.

SAKATCHEWAN WILL WIN if they can shut Joffrey Reynolds down. If the Rider defense can pressure Burris into making poor decisions then their experienced secondary can have a few picks. On offense, Kenton Keith must rise up and prove to the doubters that he is a good running back in the CFL

if they can mix their run and pass plays, and keep an older Rider defense on the field for long lengths of time. Don’t give up on Reynolds to fast. Copeland had better rise up and start earning his salary, because guys like Rambo and Lewis have out performed him this season. The defense needs to keep constant pressure on Joseph.

SPORTY’S PICK: CALGARY BY 3 I think this will come down to coaching and I think Higgins will out wit and out coach Barrett.

Let the debates begin!

toronto and sask will win.

anyone remember how bad glenn played when he first came back from injury?...or the bombers backup QB's?...even if toronto only scores 15 points, they will still win.

sask, just cuz i think calgary is lookin past them to the BC game.

but if im wrong, im still happy with the other 2 teams.

I can't see Winnipeg winninga at all...if Glenn is out. If Glenn is in, they have a small chance. OTOH, Toronto really su.cks this year, contrary to their record, they really are crap.

With Glenn: BB 21 : Argos 18
Without Glenn: BB 7: Argos 18

I think the Riders may have a good chance of winning the game, because I agree with d_g that they are looking to BC, and not concentrating on the semi. OTOH, home field advantage can be a big difference.

Riders: 17 : Stamps 27

.......seeing as i need my prediction fix....and i'm out of the VGCC for the remainder of the goes
...based on just a gut feeling..
Winnipeg over Toronto....i think Kevin Glenn will scrape enough of himself together and pull this one off...Bombers defence is as good as TO'S'''if not better...WPG. BY 10

Saskatchewan over Calgary....based on the tail end of the year performances...the Riders should win this one in a barn-burner..SASK. by 3

I obviously, being a Rider fan, am chooing the Riders over the Stamps. I think it will be a close game however, 3 points or less.

I think T.O. will unfortunately beat Winnipeg in another close one. This, too, could go either way, but it depends 99.9% on Kevin Glenn's health. 23-21 FOR THE ARGOS.

My predictions are a bit "imaginative", especially the west semi-final. Just decided to get a little creative.:lol:

Toronto over Winnipeg: This will be a very defensive, low scoring (and therefore a boring game for people who don't like this). Toronto's pass defence is phenomenal, but Charles Roberts has some success on the ground. Toronto offence is pressured all night long but manages to get a TD and 4 field goals for the win. Tor: 19, Win: 14.

Saskatchewan vs. Calgary: a mid- high scoring game with some turnovers to keep it exciting. Burris has won a playoff game before(2004 vs. Edm when he was with the riders); whereas, Joseph has never played in a playoff game and will likely be hampered by his kneee injury like he was all season long. During the 3rd quarter, Gainer the gopher somehow gains entry to McMahon, and runs on to the field during play, but is quickly tackled and arrested by police officers. Burris is injured near the end of the game, and Danny McManus comes in and looks pretty good. A 50 yarder by De'Angelis wins the game on the last play of the game. Danny Barret is fired directly after the game. Cal: 31, Sas: 28
(But I'm still hoping both teams come down the a mysterious illness preventing the game from taking place, Edmonton gets called in to duty to play BC in the west final :lol: )

Winnipeg and Saskatchewan all the way to the Grey Cup, creating the most attended and least television viewed game in CFL history!!!

No Glenn means no Bombers.
Toronto 21
Winnipeg 13

If Gleenn plays
Winnipeg 27
Toronto 21

Should be quite a game. Can you imagine if it comes down to a last second field goal - for either team?

Deangelis and Congi have been money in the bank.
Sask 31
Cgy 28

The east semi is completely dependent on whether or not glenn plays. If he plays the bombers should win quite easily but without glenn the argos secondary will have a field day picking off a lot of passes.

The west Ive been going back and forth on but in the end Ill go with a more experienced burris and the best kicker in the league in Deangelis and the calgary stapeders for the win

Argos and Stamps, Close games

I say the Argos win by 3 or less-- they will get just enough offence to win. If Glenn doesnt play then Winnipeg doesnt stand a chance. As much as I would like to see the Riders win... they wont. Calgary by a TD or more... Burris plays his best against us, and I dont see a change happening there.




No question![/b]

We will see i guess...

I think winnipegs hope's depend on Kevin Glenn and his ability to play at 100%. Will Kevin Glenn play at less than 100%. probably. If Glenn is playing at less than 100% then Winnipeg has a chance at winning. if glenn is 100% then I think Winnipeg stands a decent chance of winning.

Toronto still has not impressed me this year. If the Offence can step it up and overcome Winnipegs defense then they stand a decent chance of winning.

I think the East Semi final will be a classic defensive struggle.

Saskatchewans hopes depend on which Defense shows up for this game. If the Riders defense shows up for this game then it will be another defensive struggle. As for the offense, Kerry Joseph needs to include the entire offense both run and pass and not just in the last quarter. Spread the ball around amongst your weapons Kerry. If the Riders cannot produce a full 60 minute effort then they will not make it to the finals. just like last years game in Montreal.

Calgary needs to play a good offensive game and not a replay of last year against Edmonton. Calgary's defense just needs to put in a good solid game day effort and stop Keith and Dorsey. Calgary has only lost 1 at home and have beaten the riders 2 out of 3 games this season while the riders have only won 3 road games this season. Statistically, Calgary has the advntage. However this is the playoffs. This is when teams take it up a few notches. Calgary had better not be relying on their good showing with these stats or they may find themselves watching the west final on tv.

I am picking Toronto and Saskachewan

I would love to see Calgary or Saskatchewan in the Grey Cup game, just because BC looks so strong and always lay a beating on my birds.

But whoever makes it there in the West, I will be in peace with it for it ain't going to be Edmonton.

Sask/Calgary: It is going to be the Sask d-line and backers that will decide the outcome of the game. Confident Keith will have a good if not a great game. Stamps pass defence is vulnerable. If Reynolds can be contained/limited then Perry and Jurineak can tee off on Burris. SSK 25 CGY 21

WPG/TOR: Glenn healthy and mobile WPG 21 TOR 14
Glenn out TOR 14 WPG 10

Statistically speaking since 1977:

Every team should have had 21 playoff appearances (Riders have had 12)
Every team should have had 14 home playoff games (Riders have had 1)
Every team should have appeared in 7 Grey Cups (Riders have appeared in 2)
Every team should have won the Grey Cup 4 times (1 for the Riders)

Soooooooo statistically speaking, for everything to balance out…the Riders will make the playoffs for the next 15 straight seasons, host a home playoff game in each of those seasons, get to the Grey Cup game 8 of those 15 years and win 5 of the 8 Grey Cup games. Sounds simple to me but I guess that’s why they play the games. And that’s why statistics don’t mean jack.

Calgary by 17 is my prediction and we will be in next-year country yet again.

What do you mean "statistically"? I bet you anything that if you checked out all the teams it wouldnt even be close to that...

Toronto and Riders. Originally I thought Calgary had a huge advantage playing at home but now with the Gainer the Gopher dumb banning by the Stamps the momentum is clearly with the Riders. Expect 50 or so Gainers dressed up in the stands!!!!!!!!!

Riders Rule
Stamps Drool!!!!!!!!
Rider Pride Nation Wide!!!!!!!!!

Statistically, the law of averages refers to a tendency for numbers to cluster toward the middle. In the case of Saskatchewan, this doesn't suggest playoff success is overdue. Instead Saskatchewan failure is normal.