Semi Final Playoffs Saturday nov. 8th

What is the deal with the crossover in the Cfl? Is there any possibility that the lions are going to be hosting on saturday november 8th? if so waht would have to happen. I know they would have to finish 2nd in the west but with the crossover could the lions host a team from the east?

if the lions were to HOST a playoff game they have to finish as one of the top 2 teams in the West.

If they finish fourth they would travel East to face the blue bombers (assuming its the bombers who get the final spot in the East)

If they finish 3rd in the west they travel to which ever team came second in the west.

if they finish 2nd in the west they host which ever team came 3rd in the west.

if they finish first they get a first round bye and then host which ever team wins the Western semi-finals.

The way things are looking right now...B.C will likely finish Second in the west and host Edmonton or Saskatchewan

3 teams at 9-5. Its a crap shoot to see who finishes where.