Semi-final-Ham. at Mtl.

I'm pumped! Our boys will rise to the occasion. Go Als Go!

Keys of the game:

We need a balanced attack. SJ Green's has been pretty much invisible the second half of the season.
Disciplined football both in coverage and on the line, watch late hits...
Special teams need to mitigate Medlock and Thigpen.

Key of the game:
AC gets knocked out and McPherson walks on water

...and the piece of &^%&% fumbles again

Well, gents, you can usually tell what kind of intensity a team has after its first three possessions. So far, same old, same old. I have to go out later, so I'll sign off for now. I'll post again in the off-season. The way things are going, that may be be very soon for the Als. I hope not, but it looks like this thing may get ugly.

How about that Tyler Seguin?

Shaky start, but things are looking better now. . .

I hope so; second half the Als will work out the Kinks I say. Looks to me the plane was broke for TD = 13-10 Als

Finally decided to establish the run
May have saved the game

On the other side
They are getting zero pressure on Glenn
Recipe for disaster

It's over for the Al's. your QB is done, it's a rebuilding process for the Al's over the next 2 years

Thx for pointing that out

NO problem, that's why i'm here, your team got old and slow. Mr POP has been asleep at the switch for the last 2 years

Doesn't look like the fat lady is going to be singing any time soon. . .

Well MadJack it's going to a wild finish I say..Als TD - Deslauriers from Calvillo == tied up at 30

Amazing game. :slight_smile:

Als gave it their all… Just too much injuries on defense to overcome…

Bang on HfxTC. . . at least we showed up and didn't quit at all. Great effort. never expected Cobourne to step up and win a big playoff game...


For once it wasn't all on AC
Although a lot of those brutal 2 and outs killed us
And that horrible fumble
And that interception

Bellefeuille almost blew this game
Going for coverage at the expense of pressuring AC
We would have been blown out against the Peg
Or at least BC

So now what?
AC had a decent game
Does he stay for another season

Should be interesting off season

Go Bruins!