Semi-final-Ham. at Mtl.

...I think that the injury that'll hurt most is the absence of Bourke...We only know too well the importance of 'blind-side' protection...Hickman can be a dominate force...especially against a new-comer...Good news is the injury suffered by Bourke is something he should completely recover from...January suffered the same type of nic last year and had a very good year in 2011...(one of the few o line guys)...Anyway I see Bourke recovering quite well...AND seeing as he is an fa next year, we'll be certainly having a look :wink: :lol: ...Good luck on Sun :thup: .....we're patiently waiting

RDS is saying that Emery and Guzman should be in...?? Seems like mind games to me.

Any word on how many tix have been sold so far? Usually there all proud and announce numbers here and there. Im predicting 25000 not much more than that.

i can't ever recall ever having such feelings of ambivalence heading into a playoff game. The way the Als have imploded over the last three weeks had me scratching my head. I'm glad I didn't watch the last game or the replays; not good for the blood pressure or the ticker. I did see a replay of AC showing uncharacteristic emoton and calling out another player (I think it was Diedrick); this is not the frame of mind you want to be in heading into the post-season.

I could hardly believe it when I saw that the Als were actually favoured to take Sunday's game. A this point, any W the Als can muster will have to be considered somewhat of a surprise. I hope there is a good crowd - at least 40,000 cheering on the Als and that the coaching staff and the players have had a long, hard look at themselves and come out with fire in their nostrils on Sunday. Wouldn't it be nice to have an old-fashioned Als beatdown of the Tabbies? I will settle for a W any way we can get it, however.

We most definitely have a lot to discuss in the off-season. Let's hope that starts four weeks from now (after the GC parade down Ste Catherine St.)!

Go Als go!!!!

According to Trestman (interviewed by CJAD after yesterday's practice) Guzman will play and they are waiting to see how Emry is today.

Qoute from A.C. in today`s Globe & Mail:

“During the year, I’ve always been, in my head, thinking ‘protect yourself, and protect the ball.’ In this game, I’m going to protect the ball, but if I have to run and get hit, I’m going to run and get hit,? he said.

Let`s hope he carries this out.

That's a good news/bad news statement. Good news in that AC is prepared to sacrifice his body for the team, bad news because he is prepared to sacrifice his (39 year-old) body for the team. Obviously, the O-line is less able to adjust to the loss of Bourke.

I hope they have practised enough screens, quick hitters, draws....and will run the ball! That will force the DBs/DHs to lay back and allow some sort of passing game to develop. Everyone in the ballpark knows we are vulnerable on deep routes with all of our injuries in the secondary. So, any hope of moving on to the East Final will mean that AC and the O have to be on fire, score early and often to win.

Here's hoping for the best.

Good to hear. The thought of Walter Spencer starting at MLB was making my hair stand on end. Spencer's a good ST body, but he can't play mike backer on a regular basis.

Accordingto/based on depth chart,Shea Emry is not playing.Daryl Townsend-DB,N-, has been added to active roster,from practice roster, and Michael Giffin transferred from active to 1 game injury list.


Saw that too. At least he admits it.

Not crumbling at the slightest touch could make all the difference
Especially against an aggressive Ticat pass rush

To make room for the return of LB Jamall Johnson to their lineup, the Cats will not dress DE Stevie Baggs.

Baggs will be replaced at DE by Luc Mullinder, who we of course remember.

If the Als can’t exploit Mullinder then they will be in BIG trouble! What a ridiculous move!


It's one thing to sit a guy if he's not performing
In the regular season
But in a game like this?

If it doesn't pan out Bellefeuille is going to hear about this move

You can look at it two ways. One Baggs has had a poor season or two Bellefeuille has no respect for the Als Oline.

Apparently the move was forced by injuries to a lot of Ticat NI players
And the need to get Johnson back into the lineup at weak-side linebacker
Basically Bellefeuille feels that without Johnson the Cats will be unable to cover Whitaker out of the backfield

Be that as it may, Mullinder is no pass-rusher
Despite the added motivation of being acquired then cut by the Als this season
This can only be good for Calvillo and the Alouettes
And hopefully will give AC the time he needs in the pocket

If I'm a Cats fan I'm a bit worried about this move
Ratio notwithstanding
You have to get someone like Baggs into the lineup in a big game like this
Hopefully the offence can exploit

Go Als!

If you have the choice between Johnson and Baggs. I'd sit Baggs.

Well, boys and girls it will be show time in a few hours. I have absolutely no idea what to expect. I hope that the Als draw a decent crowd, but with no news from the Als on ticket sales, I don't expect a large crowd - sigh!

A lot of our boys are going to have to play with unhealed injuries. Hamilton, despite their record, has played us tough; our last encounter with them could have gone either way. I believe that the only chance for a W (and - shall I say it? - "future" Ws in the next 2 weeks) is for AC and the O to catch fire and execute. If we do score early and often, I hope that the patchwork D can stop enough plays to ensure a W. I know that doesn't sound like an overwhelming endorsement, but based on recent performance....

So, let's hope the Als can reach down, rekindle that pride, realize that they are still champs until proven otherwise, come out on fire, and WIN!

On my way to the BIG-O soon, hope they can get it done!!!!! We need to run run run the ball, a few passes here there. If the passes dont work run the ball some more. WHATEVER YOU DO DONT STOP RUNNING! GO ALS GOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

My take on this game?

Either Calvillo chokes like he has all-too often this year (mostly in BIG games)
Or he takes some beta-blockers (or something)...relaxes and gets the job done

He's been saying he wants to be back next year
The problem with this team is:
He says it like we have no choice
With the pathetic amount of playing time his backups have had over the years
He's certainly managed to manipulate the situation to make it appear that way

Fortunately...we know better
It's really up to us
Calvillo seems to think the job is his as long as he wants it
The media doesn't seem to question this at all

I'm just saying that his continued presence should be dependent on his performance
We should all channel our inner Hufnagel
And make sure the decision...for the Alouettes and their future
Isn't up to him

Hell...maybe he'll fall back into character
Dominate and exfoliate
And a few hours from now we'll all be riding the Calvillo express once again
On the other year we could be sadly humming
Johnny Cash:

I hear that train a comin
It's rollin 'round the bend
And I ain't seen the sunshine
Since I don't know when

Go Als!