Semi-final-Ham. at Mtl.

A greed

Even if he plays poorly in the upcoming game(s), I don`t think he would quit, nor should he.

He would probably be asked to play the Tracy Ham role and mentor McPherson, Santos, and whoever else Popp brings in, and there will be others - Burris? :smiley:

He might have to take a slight cut in pay.

Like I said before with all teams now playing tight man coverage against the Als, your QB has to be mobile to be a little bit creative on offense. You cannot rely on hoping to win the battle of contested catches and hoping your QB threads the needle on every pass.

Could be a cool alternative to:
"Kick for a Million"
Which...despite the fact that a "ringer" won that one time
Is absurd on the face of it
Considering that even some CFL kickers are unable
To kick a 50 yarder
Without a breeze

"Tackle for Free"
The downside is that Calvillo
Would probably crumble
Before you actually got to hit him

I totally agree that this would be the ideal solution
But I'm told that with the salary cap issues
Paying McPherson and Calvillo both what they should expect as starters
Would not be possible

I'm simply not qualified to comment on this
And would hope that it's possible to have such a situation
But the team may have some serious rebuilding to do
And I wonder if there's enough moola to do everything.

Changes made yesterday and then cancelled are now in again.

Akra to injured; Woods to active; Anthony Barrette to practice and, today,Vince Anderson-DB,I- added to practice roster; he was on the practice roster,in mid-october or so.


I don't like that idea. Do you really want to give the alouettes another opportunity to take an unnecessary roughness penalty?

It's funny how ideas suddenly come to you
In the middle of the night
Lying awake...
Last night's cabbage soup proving to be a gaseously bad idea

What if it's all merely ingrained behaviour.
A pattern established over the last few seasons?

It's hard to reconcile the disastrous end of the season
Even with the inconsistencies of most of 2011
So then it occurred to me to ask
What were we doing this time last year?
And the year before?

We were hoping the poor performances in the last few meaningless games of the year
Weren't going to carry over into the playoffs

The Alouettes...having sewn up 1st in the East
So many season in a row
Have fallen into a I say
And that pattern has dictated their play
Despite the importance of the games.

A Pavlovian slump
Let the salivating begin.

It's a silly thought, really.
Probably just a wistful attempt
At generating optimism or even hope
But I can't help thinking this team is capable of suddenly coming alive
Surely the few dominant performances we've seen
Sprinkled throughout the season
Suggests this team is capable of doing it again
And again
And yet again...

It's funny really
But I can't shake the feeling
The Als could have the last laugh
When all's said and done

Wouldn't that be funny?

I have no idea of what to expect on Sunday. I for one certainly won't be sticking my neck out by making any kind of prediction. I'm hoping, of course for an Als' win.

On paper, we're the better team. But of course the games aren't played on paper.

We've split our games with them, but the home team has held serve in each, so that's a second factor in our favour.

Third, while we've all questioned various things our coaching staff has done or not done this season, I should think we're all agreed that Trestman is a superior head coach to Bellefeuille.

But we've played like crap the last three games.

They've played like crap their last two games. . . and against non-playoff teams to boot.

BC was the hottest team in the league in the second half. . . they destroyed us convincingly. . . but Hamilton destroyed them convincingly. If that's the measuring stick, we're in trouble.

So I have no prediction to make. Nothing will surprise me of the four options:

Montreal wins big
Montreal wins a close one
Hamilton wins big
Hamilton wins a close one

Bref, si les Alouettes ne la gagnent pas, ils perdent. :wink:

Prédire est un jeu plus qu'un art, et surtout pas une science. Pour en faire une démarche scientifique, il faudrait complier nombre de statistiques et miser sur les probabilités. Arriver en après-saison meurtris comme le sont les Alouettes n'est jamais de bon augure, mais les parties doivent être jouées et elles le sont une à la fois.

On a rarement vu Calvillo s'effondrer 4 parties de suite et les Alouettes rebondissent souvent après une humiliation. Je crois que les entraîneurs vont piger dans des pages de leur livre de jeux qui n'ont pas été utilisées cette saison. Sans Bourke, les choses sont plus compliquées, mais ça me rappelle un peu ce qui s'est passé lorsqu'Anderson s'est blessé. Woldu avait l'air complètement dépassé, puis il s'est amélioré et a somme toute assez bien joué. Peut-être que c'est ce qui va arriver à McCuller, du moins on le souhaite.

Ce que je souhaite par-dessus tout, c'est que les receveurs réussissent enfin à se démarquer. Il me semble qu'ils ne parviennent pas souvent à distancer suffismment leurs couvreurs, comme s'ils oubliaient de petits détails dans leurs tracés, ces détails qui font la différence entre un ballon lancé et un sac.

Tant qu'il y a de la vie, il y a de l'espoir.

Injuries are going to make the difference in this game, unfortunately. We have too many DBs out, Guzman and Emry out, and Calvillo's blindside tackle Bourke out. I expect a better effort than we showed against the Lions, and of course I am not going to stop hoping that we pull off a win, but it's hard to win with that many key injuries.

So who the heck is going to play MLB ?

The "Band Aid" (utilizing so many second stringers) is definitely being stretched. Hopefully it will last for Sunday and beyond.

Bear Woods # 42 .

Receivers being able to create separation has definitely been a problem the last 3 games. They are having a tougher time than Pauline Marois. :smiley:

Have defenses caught on to predictable play calling, are receivers having problems with tight man coverage, or are they running their routes incorrectly? I guess only the coaches know the answer and hopefully they can rectify things.

Emry has not been ruled out of the game,yet. We should know later today. If Emry not playing,Walter Spencer will be the MLB;Bear Woods will second also Marc-Olivier Brouillette.

For this game,Hamilton has the edge on defense and special teams; we may still win but it will be a close game.


Emry has not been ruled out of the game,yet
Will be surprising if he is in the line up. Also, Guzman apparently not ruled out yet either and will know later today.

According to tweets from Moe Khan of TSN 990, Emry not practicing in team drills, but Guzman is.

I expect a Montreal win. They have owned the TiCats t Molson stadium and, despite their injuries, are overdo for a win.To do this however, the offense will have to score, score and score!

Hard to believe that Montreal’s NI content could require to be completely rebuilt in the off season…

Last few years we were so deep we had no room to bring prospects to camp, now we barely have enough to fill a 42 man roster

I think we're still fine on the O-line. Everywhere else, though, we badly need help.