Semi-final-Ham. at Mtl.

Ramon Guzman is to have X-Rays on his right shin,as per Rick Moffatt of CJAD. We should know soon if he will be available for the game. Rookie LB Bear Woods-on practice roster- could be activated; Shea Emry is also a possibility.

Personnally, I will be surprised if Bo Bowling is the KR.


La perte de Guzman à ce stade-ci serait pratiquement insurmontable. Emry est la meilleure option mais il est sur le carreau depuis le début de la saison. Combien de temps lui faudrait-il seulement pour reprendre le rythme? Ouf! Quelle année horrible pour la défensive!

Seeing that Emry and Brown are still on the IR tells me the Als are completely out of cap space. If the Ticats have any killing instinct whatsoever. I think the Als will likely get beat.

The fact that high/higher paid players -Brown,Estelle,Boulay,Anderson, Emry,Desriveaux,Robershaw,Matte, Watkins,for a game,Bourke,for a game, have been on the 9 game injury list for most of/or a good portion of 2011, means that the Als have many $$$ available on its SMS; I say no less than $150,000 and as much as $225,00 are available. For this reason, if one of Emry or Brown is available/concussions effects free, he will be back. Brown is due to come of the 9 game injury list on November 19,2011; Emry on November 28,2011. Emry could come off for next game and Brown for the final,provided we win next Sunday.


Thanks Richard. Would be nice to get both of them back but one still helps.

anyway you slice it, it is not pretty. Even if Emry and or Brown come off, they have not played since the beginning of the season. Rust will be a factor.

Rust vs Fresh legs...I'll take it :slight_smile:

Rust or not, Jerald Brown is still a better cover DB than pretty much anyone we've got back there at the moment.

Earlier, I wrote that no less than $150,000 and as much as $225,000 will be available/under SMS; I have reviewed my numbers and it is higher; hence,there should be no less than $300,000 and as much as $384,000 available/under SMS.

Only for Brown,Estelle,Boulay and Anderson the savings will be no less than $132,000; another area were there will be savings is 1 game injury list. The Als budget an amount ranging between $240,000 to $300,000 for players on 1 game injury list; in terms of players,it is an equivalence of roughly 5 players,mainly players earning less than $60,000. Without the 9 game injury list to many starters, players such as Hecth,Dublanko,Ridgeway,Surla, for a few games, would have been on the 1 game injury list for most of the regular season; in the 2011 regular season,only 44 games were lost-equivalence of 2.4 players- for players on 1 game injury list; I don't recall a year were it has been so low.The savings in this area should be at roughly $144,000.

The savings will enable the Als to sign key players,before the end of December31,2011. These players could be offered a signing bonus and a base salary in line with 2011 for 2012. I definitely expect that Flory and Bourke will be signed. Jamel Richardson could also sign an extension. Brendan Whitaker and Seth Williams,who will be in their option year in 2012, could also be signed. I do know that Brian Bratton,Brandon London and Billy Parker have already signed contract extensions. Andrew Woodruff couldalso be offered an extension.


So no matter what if they pull Shea and/or Jerald while they could do it, they would lose some flexibility in extending some of the guys... tough decision for an organisation.

If they pull Shea/bring him back before the end of 9 games, the costs against SMS will be roughly $24,000; there will still be substantial $$$ available.

I say that Shea is the only scenario that could/may happen.


Cool ! that's a no brainer if he is healthy :thup:

As per the Als site/roster,the following changes have been made:

Daunte Akra-DE,I- transferred from active roster to 1 game injury list.
Bear Woods-LB,I- transferred from practice roster to active roster.
Anthony Barrette-OL,N- who just ended his football season at Concordia and the Als round 2 draft choice,in 2011 draft,has been added to the practice roster.


Error or someone premature? The changes have been erased/cancelled. Time will tell.


I didnt buy my tickets and i wasnt going. But seeing the boys on Sportscenter, they looked pumped and ready to go. sorry for saying mean things, and I will be attending Sunday....i gotta wait in line for my tickets though....boooooooo! :twisted:

Bravo! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Looking at the game with the brain rather than the heart, it is difficult to be optimistic, primarily because of the injury situation. The other thing that has hit home the last couple of weeks is not so much A.C.`s age or accuracy but his lack of mobility. This certainly puts a limit on creativity in the playbook and pressure on the o-line without A.C. being able to buy time in the pocket.

But being too much of a fan to turn back now, the heart is hoping Glenn plays like Glenda and our passing game resurfaces.

Go Als Go!

AC was never mobile... His ability to read defenses, timing and accuracy is what he is about. John Lueng asked him yesterday about forum fans suggesting he had happy feet. He says we know nothing, except that the day before the Lions game he said he wasn't worried about protection then went on to play his worst game since 98. So I am looking forward to see him prove us wrong once again. Nothing could make me happyer.

He also said he's still having fun. The mannerism in which he stated that tells me he fully intends on returning next year. It would help a lot if he finished the season strong...

I've also had that impression reading recent Calvillo quotes
Kind of clashes with the last line of defense AC supporters have always ranted on:
"When AC's done he'll know it...and he'll step aside for the good of the team"

If he comes back next year with the expectation of dominating the starters job
I'd appreciate the opportunity of tackling him myself

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

I just hope we get a clear answer by his play in the playoffs. If he goes on a tear and the team wins 2 or 3 games and he plays well... I'll be the first one to admit he is right and if he has his worse game since 97 I would hope he would be honest enough to call it quits. Then there is the other issue what if he's average, wins a game loses one and averages 225 yards ???

I just hope we get a clear answer one way or another.