Semi Final at HOME!

So we now know that Calgary and Sask will meet in the western semi. Both teams will have two full weeks to prepare. Even though Calgary has a mediocre record I still think they will come into Mosaic and give the Riders all they can handle, and possibly win it.

Why? Well, playing at home has it's pressures, especially in the playoffs and the Riders have struggled in pressure games at home this year. See BC. They seem to me to be short on 'maturity' and this has cost them through various points in the season. Calgary has a 'devil may care attitude' towards the game and Higgins isn't afraid to gamble. He's made some real interesting calls over the last few years. Sometimes he's looked like a total buffoon and other times it's paid off. Those two issues are why I think Calgary has the upper hand in the semi.

On the other hand, if the Riders win, I have all the confidence in the world they will go into BC Place and win it. The building will be full and about 20,000 of them will be green and making just as much noise as Lions fans. (By the way, Lions fans make noise when the announcer tells them to.....)

Anyway, my fingers are crossed for the semi.

Well the playoff game is already sold out. It will be a great atmosphere at Taylor Field and I don't think there is any way that Calgary will beat us. The only inkling of doubt I have is the amount of passing yards our defense has been giving up. If they can pressure Burris and limit the big plays it's in the bag and onto BC - who even with three quarterbacks aren't going to the Grey Cup this year.

The determining factor will be this weekend. I think Calgary is going to go into BC and make a statement. They will be fighting hard for a they can show BC that they can come into their house and win.


hmmmm crosshairs> four posts still on the boards and three directly slam the Riders. Don't like em much do ya? Where ya from? BC?

crosshairs = idiot