Semi attendance

Attendance: 24,108 Ottawa well done
Attendance: 29,268 Calgary stadium was great

Well done for both.

Any idea how many people were in Hamilton last weekend?


Thank you. :slight_smile:

I thought the games today are division FINALS, not semis.
Semi finals were last weekend.

Shocked at Calgary it looked full with just the corner bare .

Looked like more people than the Labour Day game where there was 32,000 .

Division finals are indeed league semi-finals.

Grey Cup is league final.

Calgary looked to have well over 30,000 in stands so announced attendance of 29,700 is a bit disappointing.

They must have taken chunks of stands out of McMahon, possibly an endzone section - cuz I thought Calgary’s non Grey Cup capacity was 37,250 - - - and those stands appeared to be full other than a couple sections in the upper top corners - that couldn’t have been more than 1000 a side

Agree Lyle I watched so much CFL I can guess attendance pretty well .

I can’t believe I was off by that much and if I am it’s usually less as they pad the numbers .

The was one section, the SW upper corner, that was almost entirely empty. The East stands were more full than the west, and as the camers point to the east it make it look like the stadium is more full. Definitely a loud crowd though.

Good explanation by previous poster. Much appreciato!

Frankly, time for Calgary - the city that considers itself ready for another Olympic bid (btw I believe Calgary’s bid should be Canada’s bid, not just Menschi trying to up himself but a 13-way between Calgary, Alberta, Canada and the other 10 provinces/territories.

Speaking freely - Calgary should be embarrassed by its current outdoor stadium and indoor hockey rink. Should be freshened up - the hockey rink should be a new “Saddledome” holding up to 18,500 spirited witnesses and the new McMahon Field should be a mostly state-sponsored facility in the mold of Winnipeg’s IGF or Regina’s Mosaic, holding 30,000 to 33,00 (outdoors) or domed with a capacity of 28,000 to 31,000). No point building 35,000 to 40,000 seat outdoor stadium that host the obligatory 10 or 11 CFL games plus a handful of smelly rock concerts, political rallies and high pressure car sales shows)

NOTE: If a new stadium is built in Calgary the Stamps owners should fund at least 12% of the tab, perhaps up to 20%. Because its a public facility the state (province, calgary, surrounding communities, canada) should fund the balance - perhaps a total 250 million tab, approx. $30 to $40 million paid by private owners. Balance via public contribution (aka taxpayers) with a modest amount funded by long-term bonds or other forms of debt issue.