Semaine 4 - Montréal @ BC

Les Lions semblent avoir trouvé leur voie avec Kevin Glenn, en courant à tour de bras contre les Roughriders. Harris semble avoir retrouvé ses moyens, ce qui augure bien pour eux dans cette partie à la maison contre les Alouettes.

Les Alouettes se défendent assez bien contre la course, comme on a pu voir cette fin de semaine, où ils ont relativement limité les gains de Grigsby. Le plan de match défensif devrait donc encore être de freiner le jeu au sol et de mettre de la pression sur Glenn. Cette fois-ci, ils n'auront pas le luxe de jouer contre Cave qu a été remercié par les Lions. C'est donc sans doute Thorn, Steward ou Moreland qui prendrait sa place.

Arceneaux n'est plus blessé et sa présence devrait donner plus d'outils à Glenn pour compléter ses jeux. Avec lui, Taylor et Gore, les Lions ont un bon noyau de receveurs desquels ils devront tirer profit.

Les Alouettes n'ont pas gagné à Vancouver depuis 2010, et avant ça, c'était depuis 2000. Autant dire que les probabilités de victoire sont minimes avec Smith aux commandes, à moins que la défensive des Alouettes ne joue encore une partie presque parfaite.

Ce que j'aimerais voir comme progression cette semaine, c'est :

  1. plus de discipline;
  2. des meilleurs blocages pour Taylor;
  3. des séquences offensives plus soutenues;
  4. plus de jeu au sol;
  5. un meilleur apport de London et Johnson;
  6. des demis défensifs qui se tournent vers le ballon lorsqu'il est passé;
    7 un % de passes complétées de 60%.

Je ne capitule pas pour cette partie, mais demeure modeste dans mes attentes.

Discipline is the big thing for me. Higgins can whitewash it all he wants, but 180 yards of penalties in a single football game is an embarrassing reflection on the head coach. He had better have the penalty issue cleaned up this week. And frankly, if Chris Wilson or Kyries Hebert take another UR penalty, they should sit for a week. These clowns bring nothing to the table except unnecessary penalties...

Herb reporting Perrett back practicing with the first stringers. We will need all the help we can get in BC.

394 yards in penalty in 3 games... They need to find a way to keep their edge while cutting that down by half. Also makes Higgins look bad. Penalties in football rightly or wrongly always reflect on the HC.

Particularly with all the ones on Special Teams where Higgins is supposedly in charge.

a whopping 20 fans at practice today. as big a crowd as i've seen there in a while. herb ever so pensive by his lonesome self in the upper right corner of the stadium.

Imagine what the numbers would be if Emery had re-signed (LOL) :wink:

Yeah, really. :lol:

should the als win tomorrow we should definitely hold a parade when they return.

And should they lose there will be plenty of people that we will want to parade out of town.

As Week 4 winds down, the East Division is decidedly the Least in the East!

RR with an Owens-less O looked the worse for wear. Glad the RBs could get a W, though. The Ticats with Masoli looked dreadful, although the Stamps didn't look a whole lot better.

As of this morning the Als know where everyone sits in the East. Hopefully, that will be extra motivation. So, who knows? A W tonight and the Als, of all teams, will be in first place.

Depth chart is up. D. Carter is still out. Surprisingly, Lumbala is listed at FB. Jamaan Webb is listed at field corner, but highlighted in yellow. This is total garbage. Why even post a depth chart if it's not even going to be accurate?

So for those of you who like to place wagers on occasion, there is a chance at an ok cash grab. I do believe in miracles and if it's Kevin Glenn starting, I'll take those odds. For $4 with four (realistic) selections, $48.00 to be had. Just don't make it a habit. It makes the game that much more interesting.

Yes 234ever, if we win today, we should have a parade. First round is on me! :rockin:

Depth chart now updated, showing Zaleski at FB and Rutley backing up Whitaker (though Rutley likely won't dress). Chris Smith is back at field corner, with Ellis as the backup. D. Carter still out.

Int. RB Brandon Rutley will dress/play.

The healthy sractches are Int. DB Dominique Ellis and Nat. Wr Kyle Graves.


Yep, just saw that. They must be nervous about Zaleski at FB. Glad to see a decent backup to Whitaker on the active roster.

Man, this is going to be ugly. . .

Great effort by Stafford.

How did it take more than 10 seconds for the refs to review an obvious reversal?

Bad decision to challenge for the PI as they had LOTS of time to decide if there was any clear angle of interference, and at best it was inferred.

Yes, that was kind of a dumb waste of time.

Smith isn't doing anything to give me any confidence about his future development possibilities. . .if this keeps up, I'm starting Marsh next game.

I'm switching this game off. The offence is awful again and Thorpe is making me question whether he has a long-term future as a coach. This is year two of his system and I haven't seen any progression in his playcalling, particularly situational playcalling. Our second and long coverage is TERRIBLE. At least five times in this half, BC has converted second and 10 or greater into an easy first down. If Thorpe doesn't have a package of plays for second and long that involve dropping DBs into coverage and not just mindlessly sending the house, he's not going to last in this league.

Same old nonsense from last week. Penalties almost every play, nobody on the same page, and the offence isn't moving the football at all. Has Deslauriers made more than 3 contested catches in his entire miserable CFL career? If there is a DB anywhere near him, forget about it. He'll never come up with the ball.