Selon RDS, Samuel Giguère jouerait à Montréal en 2015

RDS prétend que Giguère s’est entendu avec les Alouettes et jouerait à Montréal en 2015.

Si ça se confirme, je serais très heureux de cette nouvelle. Avec Giguère, les Alouettes auraient un contingent de receveurs plus complet. Ils pourraient aussi varier les formations entre lui et Stamps comme demi inséré, car ils peuvent tous les deux assumer les positions de receveur éloigné ou de demi inséré.

Herb also tweeting that he has agreed to terms.

I think it is very good news. Besides re-signing (got it right Richard!) their own free agents, the team has added 3 fairly decent Nationals - Blake, Giguere, Volny - before what is considered a very deep draft.

Also confirmed by Journal de Mtl. A Press Conference will be held tomorrow.

Great news!


Samuel also confirmed his signing on TVA Sports.

Very positive news for the Als Organization and the fans.


The Als have confirmed the signing of Samuel. Les Alouettes ont confirmé l'embauche de Samuel.


Wow! Honestly did not think this would happen. Great news for us. Finally, a legit starting national receiver! :thup: :thup:

Boundary WR - London (?)
Boundary SB - Green
Field SB - Stamps
Field WR - Giguere
5th receiver - Gilyard
Backup pylon - Deslauriers

Looking a heckuva lot stronger than it did a few weeks ago. Kudos to Jim Popp for rebuilding the receiving corps after Carter's departure.

After they signed Tisdale that pretty much secured all their needs and at very key positions. Tisdale being the Shutdown CB. Signing Blake after a few NFL seasons secured the depth back at Oline. Starting at OT for a top Baylor team in the NCAA. Then a couple of NFL seasons at center, they get already week rounded experienced pro football player.

This left them to focus on the main need of an experienced starting Receiver. Could not have made a better choice with that receiver being a National. Popp said it best as he is also a very versatile player. After playing mostly Field side WR in Hamilton. everyone saw just how good he is when he moved to SB when Fantuz was out for a stretch of games.
Spending 3 full seasons in the NFL almost exclusively on Practice roster he learned to become a very good special teams player. His combo of speed, strength, and excellently conditioned he is a great coverage team player. As well his focus with the Colts was as a Kick Off returner which he has done in Hamilton successfully.

Carl Volney as well also may have finally found a perfect fit being with Montreal. After 4 seasons as a National RB with Winnipeg in which some injuries and a lot of coaching change overs the last three years he was never able to find a role. For the first time since Trestman left they are returning an offensive staff and system that they can build on and acquire players with a certain plan in place. Volney as a skill player is likely going to reinvent is offensive role at a perfect time with offenses as well evolving. I can see him becoming an H-Back/SB player. Where he can get on the field and use his skill set. His former teammate in WIN Anthony Woodson was finally healthy last year and moving to Toronto began making a similar transition. Woodson as well signed by Hamilton for exactly the same situation.
Montreal with a young but injured high draft pick in Lumbala as well gives Montreal another much needed National Offensive skill player.
As well Montreal having a FT special teams Coordinator in Kavis Reed will also be huge for Montreal and Volney's, Giguere, and hopefully Lumbala's specific roles on Teams. with all three being over 210 pounds. Giguere likely the only full time starter of the 3 can compliment a specific role on teams whether it be spending time on Kick Off return or staying on the field for the punt team unit. To go along with the bigger roles that Volney will have in both the return and coverage teams.

JP has had his best off season in many years. If he can cap this off with a great draft it's a 10/10 for me. Some guys will be let go or renegotiated to make room for talent... Really happy the team has found a productive NI receiver and someone else than a Linesman to sell football to the Franco media.

Excellente synthèse, Steve! :thup: :thup: :thup:

Ceci résume très bien la situation et pourquoi l'équipe est en bien meilleure situation maintenant qu'à pareille date l'an dernier.

La mise sous contrat de Giguère est un grand coup parce qu'il vient clore un très gros entre-saisons de Jim Popp. Mais je retiens ce que je crois être un grand coup, soit d'être allé chercher Stamps pour compenser le départ de Carter. La présence de Stamps va forcer les autres équipes à lui porter attention et relâcher un peu de la couverture sur Green. La présence de Giguère va forcer les autres équipes à regarder de son côté, ce qui n'était pas toujours nécessaire avec les receveurs qui nous avions l'an dernier. Stafford, Deslauriers et Johnson étaient trop faciles à couvrir et ça facilitait les doubles couvertures sur Green et Carter. Les adversaires des Alouettes n'auront plus ce luxe en 2015.

La question demeurera donc de voir si Crompton va pouvoir continuer sa progression et être capable de faire en sorte que l'attaque puisse gagner son lot de parties sans devoir absolument compter sur la défensive pour limiter l'adversaire à moins de 20 points.

The other thing is we gain both by Giguere's addition and by taking him away from a division rival.

With the signing of Samuel Giguère I now doubt that Dave Stala will return with the Als,unless he accepts a base salary varying between $66,000 and $72,000 in 2015.

This week, Jim Popp told Herb that Dave Stala was signed in 2014 at the salary he was making in Hamilton; based on his role and salary, these were the reasons why the Als did not picked up his option year and released him on February 10,2015. I expect that Dave was paid roughly $90,000 in 2014. Given that he is now released and based on a salary of roughly $100,000 for Samuel ,the impact on the 2015 SMS is minimal. I say between $10,000 and $15,000.

In the weeks/months to come, I definitely expect the releases of Larry Taylor and Chad Johnson. A player such as Kyries Hebert may have to accept a salary reduction,in order to remain with the team.


Should this finally be the end for Deslauries as well. With Giguere and it could be time to give Graves a shot to be a back up and teams player. As well as a possible holder to take the place of Stala.

We also have to think about Mardy Gilyard, James Rogers, Brandon Green, and Andrew Smith. Hopefully one of those guys can emerge as a credible receiving threat.

The other positive is that our receiving corps is, from a physical standpoint, quite intimidating. S.J., Giguere, London, and Stamps are all 6'0'' or taller. If Schonert does his job right, there should be physical mismatches for us to exploit on the field.

Je doute que ça arrive. Je crois que si les Alouettes se départissent à la fois de Johnson et de Stala, Popp va garder Deslauriers au sein de l'équipe. Lors du renouvellement de son contrat, Popp a insisté sur ce que Deslauriers apporte dans le vestiaire et au sein de l'équipe. Il semble accorder une valeur à ce genre de choses et manifestement, il aime bien avoir Deslauriers dans son équipe. De plus, comme le contrat de Giguère n'est que pour un an, il voudra probablement se garder une marge de manoeuvre pour le ratio de l'an prochain.

It will bring an interesting situation at training camp... I can't for the life of me see how Deslaurier beats out Giguere for the lone starting receiver position. But the Als won't release Eric as a backup who plays on teams no problem but that's the extend of what he brings to this team.

As a backup Stala is more valuable. He can punt well in a pinch and he's a great holder. Deslaurier well he can play teams maybe. But Popp will do all he can to protect Deslaurier. This has been going on for 7 years.

De ce lot, je crois que Gilyard est celui qui a le plus le type d'un receveur. Rodgers peut avoir sa place comme menace tant au sol que par les airs, en ce qu'il m'apparait meilleur porteur de ballon que Gilyard, mais je crois que Gilyard court mieux ses tracés. Pour ma part, je crois que ces gars là vont s'insérer dans l'attaque en alternance avec d'autres receveurs. Le noyau de base me semble se dessiner pour être constitué de Green, Stamps et Giguère, et il y aurait alternance entre London, Gilyard et Rodgers pour les autres affectations. Graves, Fournier, Zaleski et Beaulieu pourraient être utilisés très sporadiquement pour varier les formations et les apparences de protection.

The other positive is that our receiving corps is, from a physical standpoint, quite intimidating. S.J., Giguere, London, and Stamps are all 6'0'' or taller. If Schonert does his job right, there should be physical mismatches for us to exploit on the field.
Si Stamps et Giguère sont relativement petits, ils demeurent assez compacts. De ce point de vue, ils peuvent s'impliquer dans des luttes un peu plus physiques malgré leur gabarit, surtout Giguère.

Ce qui me frappe dans le contingent actuel, c'est la vitesse des receveurs. Stamps, Giguère, Gilyard et Rodgers sont tous des gars rapides. Giguère a moins d'accélération que les autres, mais lorsqu'il est en marche, sa vitesse de pointe est excellente.

Je crois que Brandan Green est avant tout un candidat pour les retours de bottés. À 5' 10", 180 lbs, il a une relativement petite stature pour être receveur, mais on a déjà vu un receveur de ce gabarit faire son chemin parmi les plus grands... :wink:

Greetings Friends!

Thought you would all be interested in a little piece I wrote back in early January on Sam Giguere.

This comes from a loyal TiCat fan and one who wished they had done more to retain his services.

Congratulations ... I think you guys got a good one that will undoubtedly improve your team!

[url=] ... for_8.html[/url]

FenderGuy69: Thanks for sending us your study of Giguere's effectiveness with the TiCats. Your work has been excellently researched. I liked your method of examining Gugiere's work from differing perspectives which, gives this study its validity- really, a very good piece of research with its statistical focus. You present sound material from which you make your positive evaluation of Sam Giguere.
I believe the Als have obtained a really good national receiver and, I do agree with your evaluation of SG. I'm sure he will contribute favorably to the team's offense.