The other day I heard that the West final was sold out. No surprise there. :thup:

Anyone know what the ticket sales are up to at the Big O in Montreal?

Last time i heard it was at 9000 seats left so i can only assume that there are only 5 000 or so left, which should be picked up by walk up sales.

Doesn't that stad seat something like 65,000?

They are looking at a crowd of 60 000 in Montreal Sunday.

thats a lot of people at a non grey cup playoff game. could be one he biggest if it reaches 60,000. im guessin, but not sure, edmonton has had some big ones inthe past.

Didn't Edmonton have a game this year that was 62,500?

Yes. Saskatchewan vs Edmonton in week 13 drew 62,517.

im trying to find the highest attended west/east final. anyone got this information?

You can refer to my bible:

It seems that the record for a non-Grey Cup playoff game was 60,007 at Olympic Stadium in 2003. Could be broken…

thanx for the information. i am surprised it wasnt an edmonton game.