If you've been up all night to the sounds of a toilet flushing, call a plumber. Problem solving is really not your strong suit is it?

P.S. Your spelling is getting better.

…why don’t you keep munching on those cup cakes…do you know what the hell you’re even talking about…Bombers got ‘lucky’…the BEST team won…and if you don’t believe that …look at the seasons record…This team has turned a BIG cornor…and will dominate in the next few yrs…something like WE have been dominated in the past…So i can see where you are concerned…the Bombers will be a BIG obstacle between the Green gang and the Grey Cup …and you can put money on that… :rockin: :lol:

Insults? Is this what it is all about? Insults? After I have helped you with your spelling so I could understand you better? And the plumbing, just so you could get a good night's sleep? Don't think I haven't been up all night either. You know, I thought we had something really special, and now this. I guess the Rider fans are that classy, I should have known that I was in over my head.

I haven't felt like this since my ex-wife left me for another woman. God, please give me the strength to get through this.

Your lame. your insults are that of a 5 year old.

Your making yourself and your Riders look bad. Do Riderville a favor and stop posting.

hey all we winnipegers can say is the ones that did not go to the game shame on you to the rest of us that did get there what a show.and as for riderfan23 we hope to see your team there so we can let you play your banjos as winnipeg takes the cup back to where it belongs back to winnipeg get it WINNER-PEG

The only banjo picking that will be going on will be Troy Widewood in the off season with his band, since he will be unemployed next year :slight_smile:

it must be true about some pepole in regina they still do not know how to spell WESTWOOD.
but what ever, you can say what you like , and lets see who is standing at the end of it all.
good luck agaist bc this sunday.
you'll need it.

I can’t speak for people in Regina as I’m a Riderfan living in Manitoba. But I know i spell his name correctly its something that he’s known for when he kicks field goals which usually go WIDE so that gives him what he deserves to be called which is Troy WIDEWOOD :slight_smile:

Maybe for the regular season....but the Playoffs.

Hes an entirely different kicker.

well it's like this just another rider fan talking out of thier gopher hole again :cowboy:

How many people showed up?

And I thought there were good fans in the Peg, seems to me there is just a lot of wimps..

well when your right your right
the peg has too many band wagon jumpers.
every time the team is down the jumpers get off but hell when the team is playing with a hot hand look out every body is a true fan (NOT) so lets just say the fans that went to the game once again showed they where true blue fans.
the fans never left the stadium ob that day till the final blow. all held on to seeing the bombers win the big one, even knowing troy had to put it between the post for us to win,alot of the fans thought oh no.
but in true blue we all crossed our fingers and troy came tru.
so don't lable all pegers as wimps only the bandwagon jumpers. :rockin: