Sorry guys but no walk up crowed either. you buy your tickets TODAY or your out of luck, read the NEWS, support your team then you would have known this.

.....papazoola, I just read your signature. How soon do you figure Riderfan23 will display that integral part? ROFL!!!!

......i doubt we will ever see 'that' display....i beileve...he has trouble seeing as well as hearing........and he can't spell either.. :lol: :lol:

...contrary to this MISS-information... walk-up tickets ARE on sale before the game...Riderguy...go're embarassing yourself... :lol: :lol:

Good news for so called Bomber fans they just released that they will open gates before the game to buy tickets, things are getting desperate now as of last night less the 20,000 tickets sold, What a send off for Milt. Poor guy

as of 8:pm friday tickets where at 19,526
as per ticket master.
come on now we can and will get close to or even a sell out.
go big blue.
and as for you rider fans westwood may be right about you.hope the riders get to the big show and the blue and gold will be waiting to show you how the game is played we might even let you see what it is like to drink from the cup and show you how good it feels to wear the ring.

I would love to see a Bomber and Rider final, that would be one crazy game.

I havent been to a Bomber game in years, but because I want to support the team I'm going to the game. Even though winds will be 50 gusting to 70 lol. More people should support them. Its November but I thought Winnipeggers were tougher than that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just curious on the marketing of this game in Winnipeg. The 5 or 6 sellouts in Winnipeg this year had a lot to with Milt. Are they selling this game as Milt's last in Winnipeg or just another playoff game? I understand people are upset, but I still think the fans should go for Milt.

Hope everyone enjoys the games today, I know i will :slight_smile:

Judging by the way they're talking on the pre-game show on CBC, it sounds like it'll be well short of a sellout.

Winnipeg ahahahahaha, thats hurting you guys, no wonder the Jets left.

Wow what a difference that the Canadians across Canada will see for fan support once that game starts in Regina, It will be like night and Day, good game so far though

...too bad they missed a great game... and didn't get to see Troys revenge... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Pathetic, not that there is anything else to do in Winnipeg. Absolutely disgusting.

They don't deserve to make it to the cup.

You still on this topic after the bashing you took from me the last day or so? You remind me of some blind gopher on Ring Road singing his last words,"We never give in, we never give up, we're Saskatchewan tuff...", splat!'s too bad Winnipeg won't meet Regina in the Grey Cup...BC's gonna kick your ass...

Predictions for next week...

Bombers 20 Argos 15

Lions 28 Riders 18

Bigblew bring it on,everytime you talk it sounds like a toilet flushing, your insaults are baby talk, we all know the Bombers got lucky today, i do hope that the Riders and Bombers meet in the final though, did your Bomber victory make it to the top of CTVNEWS at 11 tonite, NOPE i don't think so, because Canada doesn't care, but the Rider Victory did because they are Canada's team. Good luck with Toronto you will need it, hope to see Widewood and the Riders in the final

Hopes about all you got chum, now take it to the main forum, or haven't you read the rules of the site ?

Like I said did i hear a toilet flush?