Please tell me that Sunday's game is gonna be a sellout. Not only is it a playoff game but it is probably Milt's last game in Winnipeg. I'm just a little concerned with only 16 000 tickets being sold, doesn't seem fans are too excited.

Have some faith, support the club, go Bombers.

I don't know if we've ever sold out a playoff game here

nah but we sold out 5 this year so why can;t we sell out another?

Why won't it be a sellout? because the fans have no faith in the Bombers their really only a 500 team, Westwood sucks and the recievers can't catch, Stegall should have stayed one more year asked to be traded to a cup contender. I can see the Al's pulling this one out

Fans who only want to support a team because their winning are no fans at all. You support your team cause their your team, win or lose - especially in a playoff game. If you live in or around Winnipeg and your on these boards, you best be goin to the game.

I'm livin in Ottawa, so I can't. But when they win, I'm goin to see the game in T.O for sure.

,....and you can't's spelled 'receivers'
and they're better than yours... :lol:

I've just come to the conclusion that this board is moderated by a Bomber fan, I guess it's okay for Bomber fans to state their opinions on what they think of the Riders or other teams but for someone else to state their opionon on the Bombers their post gets deleted. Thats okay we all know who's not going to be in the Big Game

Posts by opposing fans are deleted from team forums if they're deemed to be troll-like in nature...same goes for every other forum on this board, aside from the main CFL Talk with it.

Hey I can live with it, as long as its a fair playing field

Back on track.

So as of today how many seats have been sold in Bomberland? for their big playoff game.


Hmmmm funny i just seen todays Winnipeg Sun, it states why are we not selling tickets and why are we staying at home? 25% said they would rather watch it on TV. 22% said dissaponted in team. 32% said they a re going. Those numbers don't add up to ticket sales. the last minute Labatts Blue will step in and give away free beer with the purchase of a ticket...too bad you're in Regina...just kidding...i mean about the beer... :rockin:


One playoff sellout for the 'Peg… Nov 22, 1987 vs Toronto, 32,946 (when that was the capacity)

And you'll still be stuck being a Rider fan! At least we know there are many who have a more troubled life, if one at all.

Rider fan is right and I support my team through thick and thin, quite different to a Bomber fan, how many tickets are left for tomorrows game in Winnipeg? hhmmmm i think just under 10,000 :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

…are you going to be there to count the walk-up crowd…if not…go away and munch on some of your green and white cupcakes… :lol:

Your spelling is just terrible. Instead of staying at home, you should have gone to school.