Sellout streak in Jeopardy

Get your tickets to the band-aid bowl today. The team with the most injuries to ever hit any one team in the CFL in the 100-year history of the league vs the Calgary team missing:

i looked into getting a pair of tickets yesterday and it was just singles left.

Just singles! Will those even sell?
C'mon band wagon jumpers we erected these seats for y'all! Don't jump off so soon.
Stupid band wagon Jumpers!
Get back on the wagaon!!!!!

Fair weather fans!

Bandaid bowl... lol... thats funny

Come on people. I'm sure 117 of you have a friend that wants to go.

hopefully those tickets sell so the blackout is lifted

I figure they should lift the blackout if it goes over 28,800.

I always liked the

no blackouts --> more interest --> more seats sold

chain of thought. Pump the TV revenue stream up as well.

The Blackout is sometimes backwards logic. If attendance is low, then you should put a better product on the field, or create a better atmoshpere for the fans at the game. Don't punish the casual fan, or the fans that can't afford a ticket with a Blackout. People are going to the games this year because the team has been winning and the experience in the stands has been a blast. Taking the game off the air just lowers the teams exposure. The best thing a stuggling team can do is too win big at home, put it on air, and then have people saying, "That game was awesome, I should have gone, lets get some tickets for next week." I remember when Blackouts were lifted only 2-3 times a year, and another 2 home games were not even covered by CBC/TSN, that was also the time when the Riders were almost bankrupt and RiderPride was flat. Anyways...go riders!

Why do you need the blackout lifted if you are going to the game?
Unless you aren't going to the game. Hey good news there are 117 tickets with your name on it.

On 2nd thought . . . I want the blackout lifted too. I have season tix but I always record the game and watch it again.

Lift black out lift!

Lets get moving on the Hamilton and Edmonton game and sell them out before gameday.

Right-o...these are two games we may actually win!

After this week's performance, we'll be lucky if the bandwagon jumpers aren't taking back their tickets for refunds....
Anyway, 1300 tickets left as of Tues. should sell easily enough in 5 days.

300 tickets/day should mean it sells out just before gametime.

If it gets down to a couple hundred or so, one of our Crown corp's will step up (using our money of course) and buy them and give them to some youth agencies or something, just to keep the streak alive.

Sellout streak may end .... But not this year.


Congrats to the Riders, management, and Rider Nation everywhere.

How much will this boost season ticket sales for 2009?

Will the Riders add even more temp. seats for 2009????

Call it what you will. Heard mentality, the "in" thing , or even the 100 monkey syndrome, but the bottom line is the popularity of Riders in this province is at an all time high.
While the Riders are the hottest ticket in town i would like too see more additional seating , get that old boy Steve Mazurak out there busting his hump , selling seats and taking advantage of the Riders popularity and get every nickel out of those fair- weather fans possible ............GO GREEN

Management has said that they don't want to have any poor seating. Raise the bar when it comes to the gameday experience. I could see them thinking about some labour day seats, if they could poach a game before and possibly after against a division rival. Aim for 34 or 35k for a couple games. They have said that they like 31k. It's a good size. I'd much prefer a string of 31k sellouts, blackouts lifted building Rider pride across the province, and some upgrades to the stadium to improve gameday experience. If they put in those 3000 or 4000 extra seats (with poor sightlines and facilities), don't sell them, leave the local TV blackout, they lose a bunch of momentum in their market.