Sellout remaining home games!!!

It wasn't an issue with Taylor Field (Mosiac Stadium) but the local community tha surrounds the stadium. They get upset if things go past 11:00. I seem to recall at one point Mayor Archer (now that is dating myself) had to agree never to hold other special events because of the noise. would think buying property that borders a place like Mosaic, you would expect those things. It's like buying a house near train tracks and getting mad that trains go by.

Actually, the many times I have made the walk back to the car after a game and going by houses, I've made many comments to my wife what a great area it would be to buy in, how handy would that be!

I would personally hate to see the Riders move to Saskatoon. What about the people who live south of Regina. I am already a two hour drive to Regina and it keeps me from getting to as many games as I would like. If you moved it to Saskatoon I would maybe get to one game a year, I can't really drive six hours there and back. I think the team is perfect where it is. A new stadium would be nice but lets keep the team in the provinces capital.

Well I agree with you to some extent....but there were a number of people leaving in that area before the last big extension in the 70s (late 78 or 79 I beleive). I would not be surprised if some of them were still there. In fact, remember the city bought and moved something like 20 homes for that expansion. That was the first time the issue of concerts and stuff first came up.

I don’t want them to move, either, so I’m using the following statements for the sake of argument alone…but your argument doesn’t hold much water, as far as “I can’t really drive six hours there and back”…mine’s an eight-hour (plus) round trip, and moving the Riders to Saskatoon would cut over 5 hours off that time…yet still, I am constantly harped on because I’m not a “big enough fan” because I don’t go to every game. Were the Riders in Saskatoon, I would.

See I think we are getting at the same thing while I don't envy your 8hr+ trip there is not way I can do a 12hr+ round trip anytime I went to a game I would have to take at least two days because it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to leave a night game at 10pm and arrive home at 4am.

Also I really don't think you should be harped on for not being a "big enough fan" I consider myself to be a superfan and I think it shows your dedication to make an 8hr round trip compared to someone from Regina making the 10min commute.

But we will never be able to put the team in a spot where everyone is happy.

what about playing 50% of games in regina and then 50% in saskatoon?

Settle down rider fan, Selling out your little stadium on the prairie isnt that incredible. BC, Calgary, and Edmonton all average way more fans per game. Build one that seats more than 28,000 and join the rest of the West Division

What's Calgary hold - 31,000? Whoa, Nellie.

no, 35 +

35,650 to be exact. They only sold out twice last year, Labour day (vs. Edm) and when the Riders came to town - in both cases, I suggest visiting fans make up the difference. Take those two games away that are full of visiting fans and Calgary's average is barely 30k (29,988 to be exact). So you can't pipe up too much when it comes to talking about sellouts.

Not to mention that the population of Calgary within a driving radius of 30km from McMahon must now be more than the whole province of Sask so, actually, it is pretty incredible, relatively speaking.

1995 Riders averaged 29 +
2003 & 2007 28 +

you have done it before, not sure why its soooo incredible

Stamps sold the entire 2000 season in between grey cups. INCREDIBLE

not to mention the Riders are the only pro team in the province

The numbers in 1995 and 2003 are skewed because of the Grey Cup game and all the temporary seating brought in.

It has been a long time since the 2000 season.

But being realistic.....the size of the stadium is only one factor. It is also the size the general population. Which Calgary alone dwarfs Regina.

The argument that there are other professional sports teams or more to do are just that. They don't hold water. There is an overlap of two and half months between hockey and football. If other professional sports teams had a significant impact, you would have notice giant jumps in attendance when the Jets left Winnipeg or the Grizzlies left Vancouver. Those jumps never occurred. There weren't more fans going back to the canucks or lions. What puts cfl fans in the seat is the quality and consistancy of the product. In Saskatchewan that quality and consistancy has been improving for the last 7 or 8 years. That is why you have an increase in attendance.

Oh, I didn't know we were looking that far back.

Just a point of interest/clarification: Prior to Hopson, the Riders sold general admission tickets at all games (hence, how they could go over 28,800). For better or worse, Hopson put an end to that (same rationale as BC place closing off upper deck - lowering supply in hopes of driving up demand) so it is not possible to go over 28,800 anymore (subject to temporary seating). And in 1995, it was the year that the grey cup was held in Regina and there was temporary seating available for that last 4 or 5 (??) home games - that is exceptional, if not incredible.

Btw, my friend, I hope you are prepared for dissappointment this weekend !!! :smiley: :lol:

Sorry Mike. Didn't see your post befoe I posted or I wouldn't have repeated your facts.

that is okay legal....I think the riders miss a good opportunity on labour day to sell some grass to the bomber's fans but I understand the rationale.

IMO I think the sell outs have more to do with the product on the field then the general admission tickets.

Completely agree.

I may be wrong, but I think 28,800 is the number they came up with because of the TV contract a few years ago. There was no such thing as a sell out as they would fill the grass in the end zones. As part of the TV deal, they had to settle on a number for sell outs because a sell out meant the blackout could be lifted. If there was no limit to tickets, the blackouts would not be lifted over the minimum of two games mandated in the TV contract.

Perhaps someone in the know could confirm or deny this.

be prepared to be 5-2 by next Thursday night! can you say... SWEEP?!?! :cowboy:

Sorry you mis-pronounced it.